Putting the Sidekick 3 trackball debate to rest

So there has been a lot of discussion about the new trackball, and what it will be like. Hopefully this page from the manual will help answer some questions:

7 Responses to “Putting the Sidekick 3 trackball debate to rest”

  1. Ya Boy B Says:

    first! chea!!!!

  2. orlandito_colucci Says:

    second first time i love it

  3. GoTrojans_12 Says:

    Is that part of an actuall manual or what? Third!

  4. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i got aim!!!!!!!!!!!!! my screen name is vanillatwirl116 ok so i love ya add me cuz i just got my bro lol ok so love ya pple byebye and where did that pic come from?:)


    why are most of all the pics blurry?

  6. SDWolf Says:

    Almost looks like it’s screenshot from Acrobat.

    Source, anyone?

  7. paige Says:

    yeah, where’s this manual from?in that previous article thing you said that there was a place for the sidekick 3 manual but it wasn’t up yet?

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