Need a miniSD card to go with your Sidekick 3?

Amazon has got some great deals going on with some miniSD cards I found. I ordered mine. 2gigs of mp3s will be in my Sidekick next week! 🙂

Or if you prefer name brand for a few extra bucks:

23 Responses to “Need a miniSD card to go with your Sidekick 3?”

  1. phguap Says:

    ill think about it

  2. unclejonjon88 Says:

    i’m sure anybody can get it cheaper at any electronic store so people don’t have to pay for shipping

  3. Strobin Says:

    had mine for over a week already but good links. Best Buy has them in the $60+ area

  4. jre25 Says:

    unclejonjon88 on June 28, 2006 at 12:02 am said:

    i’m sure anybody can get it cheaper at any electronic store so people don’t have to pay for shipping

    True!!! But I’m most def. gettin a 2GB card soon.

  5. TEH WiN MONA Says:

    booooooooooo! go to EBAY! im soo hitting that up tomorrow ;D

  6. Sk_4life Says:

    the upgrade price sucks a@@ wow 300 dollars for a danm up grade no mail in rebate shit i might as well cancel my contract instead of addin 2 years rip off

  7. sk3owner Says:

    i got my 2gb a week ago to avoid the rush, i got it for 34 on amazon….hope it works

  8. darkestknights Says:

    How many songs will a gig hold ( a 2 gig as well)

  9. machomacho Says:

    Are you guys even sure the sidekick3 can hold a 2G card?

  10. aMaZin Says:

    does anyone know how much new customers will pay on july 10

  11. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    should i get a 512 or 1gb people advice i cant afford that freaking 2 gb right now

  12. aMaZin Says:

    1GB only 7

  13. aMaZin Says:

    1GB only about *17

  14. aMaZin Says:

    aah I forgot to check if it is going to have insurance….I ordered n forgot to check or read all that info lol

  15. xDaRkRaDx Says:

    just so you know, you can buy these memory cards about 3 to 4 times cheeper online. just to give you some perspective, i work in the camera section in wal-mart and my dad is a maneger at best buy, so i am often comparing at their camera section. the SD cards that are 1 gig usualy go for about 70-80 dollars. and thats just for ONE gig. the cheapest i have ever seen 1 gig in my store, was from a bad brand name and it was for about 66 dollars. i JUST bought a 2 Gig mini SD card w/ SD adapter online for a GRAND TOTAL of $60.80. i bought mine from NEW. here is the link to the exact card i bought. please take this advise as it is good.

    here is the link for a 1 gig NEW for 23.99

  16. Piko Says:

    YES, the SK3 will handle a 2GB miniSD. That much is well documented. However, it has not been tested with the forthcoming 4GB miniSD. While the $39.95 is an AWESOME price, I think my wife and I will hold out and try to get a 4GB card… 🙂


  17. xfatxcarlosx Says:

    I talked to the rep. at midnight when i was ordering my phone and he said that it will hold the 2gb and what not, possibly today i might go out and check some 2gb ones out so by tomorrow taht i get it hopefully will be good to go.

  18. rachelmp1031 Says:

    2gb should hold about 500 songs, im coming to that conclusion bc the 4gb ipod holds 1000 songs so divide it in half and 500 is what you get!

  19. aMaZin Says:

    does any1 but me realize that new customers of tmobile will be able to get the SK3 cheaper than us

  20. musician Says:

    I just saw few 4Gb cards on ebay
    do u guys think it will work on sidekick 3
    4GB ADATA 150X SD 4 G GB Secure Digital MEMORY CARD
    thats the company dont know if u guys are familiar with this

  21. baby hugh Says:

    Does any Mini sd card work on the sk? or is there just one kind of sd card?

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  23. Dan Wilson Says:

    I got a LRG limited edition Sidekick 3 and I don’t know how much it holds. Can anybody tell me?

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