No Contract extension for $349??

Only a little over an hour into the upgrades and already a story is developing. Apparently the quick fingered ones who got into the Tmobile site to upgrade within the first 10 minutes or so were given an option to choose No Contract Extension and get the Sidekick 3 for only $349. Others that logged in a little later, or called in were quoted a $399 price if they elected not to extend their contract. What does this mean? We’re not 100% sure yet. We caught Britne in the shoutbox and she gave TMobile a call. The rep said that we were “the lucky ones” and that this was a mistake, but that it would still go through. Stay tuned as this story develops. Here are the conflicting screenshots. First mine:

and then MiKeY SiDeKiCk’s:

We’d like to see how many people scored this sweet deal, so head over to the forums and cast your votes in the poll.

19 Responses to “No Contract extension for $349??”

  1. MiKeY SiDeKiCk Says:

    ill feel so famous right now to have my name up there hiptop 3 is the shizznitt i love this site sidekick 3 here i come

  2. Posterboi Says:

    Yea def got th 399 quote after using my “half brother” roomates account to order one at the price after waiting an hour on the fone having to call back n wait soo many times had time to take an uninterrupted dump and still not be answered just for them to telll me i wouldnt get it until prolly the 7th because of the holiday then finally was told id save like 150 to wait til the tenth and then was told i have to call back at midnight tomorrow for my refund

  3. Strobin Says:

    I got it also.

  4. sidekick3 Says:

    what do they mean “NO EXTENSION?”

  5. phaserx Says:

    i hope to god they at least offer a 1 year contract at the store in santa monica tomorrow.. I’d prefer no contract, but i’ll do 1 year.. I’ll be PISSED if I they only allow 2 year contracts, but i’ll probably still do it anyways. 😉

  6. katelynkane Says:

    I could have gotten it but I didn’t even notice. Whatever, I like tmo.

  7. mattwithsk3 Says:

    I ordered my sk3 online can’t wait to have it friday oh man and yeah I had to pay 448.60 with taxes and shipping that sucks but hey gotta have it

  8. Britne Says:

    yea i feel famous too haha lol

  9. Jpooza Says:

    I was at a party enjoying a few Tequila shots then I looked at my phone saw that it was midnight and immediatly left and called them. They lady slipt at first and said oh looks like you’re a lucky one…Oh wait… it’s not available yet.. Then she refreshed and said oh yes sir you are one of the lucky ones. I got mine for 349. with no contract I was so happy. I first though maybe this site was wrong with the prices but it seems they did a little special and had us all fooled. Who would have thought, me being so impatient actually saved me 50 bucks! With express delivery and tax it came to a total of 390 something. I am sooooooooo excited, I just wish their shipping times were quicker. Might get mine on Friday or monday

  10. rowty Says:

    I logged in and wasn’t offered the 349 no extension, then I logged out and relogged in again and it came on as 3 options. So keep logging in, might work for ya.

  11. TULIO Says:

    I got mine for 299.99 for a two year contract which i dont mind cause i started my contract in tmobile about 4 months ago. so i dont mind loosing those four months to pay less for the phone.

  12. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    i just called tmobile i have to extend my plan 2yrs to get for 299.99 if not 399.99 fuk hell no i aint getting it right now

  13. AutoDog Says:

    I called Tmo and they offered up the $349 upgrade for a one year contact (which has been pulled from the web). I took it.

    Interestingly, no free shipping when you call, but express shipping is the same as the web ($15).

  14. bape Says:

    i’m 1 of the july 10th people……will the prices be the same???

  15. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    AutoDog on June 28, 2006 at 10:04 am said:

    I called Tmo and they offered up the $349 upgrade for a one year contact (which has been pulled from the web). I took it.

    Interestingly, no free shipping when you call, but express shipping is the same as the web ($15).

    how did u get it for a 1 yr contract extension when i called and they said i can only get it for a 2 yr extension

  16. kathleen Says:

    Bape, call and complain. The server for 1 yr contracts was broken when I called and I told them I wasn’t getting a 2 year contract so they did a “verbal”1 year contract, whatever that means.

  17. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    that means she did wat i did i called the company and requested a 1 yr extension it came up to 390.10 but like an idoit i wanted to save money and didnt pay 5 dollars extra for express o well july 7th … i can wait one more week wat the hell lol

  18. g-money101 Says:

    ill get mine on the tenth

  19. Anonymous Says:

    how much it cost

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