New Data Only Plan coming?

We received the following from one of our most reliable sources:

Effective Wednesday, June 28, T-Mobile is pleased to announce the launch of a voice barred version of the $29.99 Sidekick Unlimited Plus rate plan. This version of the Sidekick Unlimited Plus plan is being introduced to cater to those who do not require a voice plan on their device. This plan acts the same as the stand-alone Sidekick rate plan, but without the ability to place voice calls.

17 Responses to “New Data Only Plan coming?”

  1. Dianna Says:

    kool beans!!!!!

  2. sk3owner Says:

    were was that taken from…..that has always been available

  3. cdm112 Says:

    yeaaa baby what an exciting night… I ordered mine on south beach while having a slice and a beer. another kid behind me was like wtf there is an sk3 and ordered one on the spot as well. we gave each other high fives and then went to get sidekick 3 tattoo’d on out asses…well that last part wasnt true but anyways SK3 is the NEW HOTNESS BABBBBY 😉

  4. nawyizzle Says:

    oh siickk im in miami too fam! where did u have the pizza… i had pizza @ pizza rustica on washington and 9th yesterday, i was campin out for some sneakers… anyway… yea that 29.99 plan was always there!

  5. Marcofromda510 Says:

    Yea I ordered mines afta waitin on hold for bout 10-15 minutes. Question though…. What’s the difference between the voice/data plan and the regular data plan?

  6. Strobin Says:

    “This plan acts the same as the stand-alone Sidekick rate plan, but without the ability to place voice calls”

  7. D_cell Says:

    for example, I would assume if you’re deaf. and you dont want incoming calls. this would be ideal for you.

  8. Strobin Says:

    there you go. That way you don’t have people calling you on that phone @ $0.20 a minute. I may go this route.

  9. Marcofromda510 Says:

    Ok thanks, I’m sticking with the regular data plan, also since I had insurance on my sidekick II, dey said I still pay the same rate for it on my sidekick3,($5.99) so does that mean insurance would be more expensive for others since it is so new?

  10. unclejonjon88 Says:

    keh perfect for me i never use my phone well usually but what if someone calls me are they still goen to charge me for that or what?

  11. BSP Says:

    WTF is the difference between this plan and the old one?

  12. mikez12006 Says:

    Hey i just ordered mine too. I am flipen excited cant wait to get it but won’t get it till next thrusday so thats a bumer. Hey quick question it said it will be billed to my account so do i pay for it on my coming up bill since i just got my new bill in yesterday. So i would pay for the phone and my bil right or wrong

  13. darkestknights Says:

    I called at 12:01 and the idiot told me they wern’t ready to be purchased until 1:00 eastern time. OS i tried calling again and someone else answered, and everytihg went fine. I got 2 yr. for $299

  14. xfatxcarlosx Says:

    i don’t know if i could have done the 2 years only for 50 bux less it seems like such a long time. so i did the 1 year

  15. lil_gem54 Says:

    ya, i dont have the sidekick 2, but im gettin the new sidekick 3 after it comes out, so im guna be new to sidekick, and that whole data only plan is perfect fo me cuz i only need the data, i got another phone with a different service!

  16. dddduuuuuuddee Says:

    guys im confused i was browsing a while back and i remember choosing a voice plan and the SK 2 data plan which read to be $20 when inside of my shopping cart.

    is the data plan $20 or $29.99?? i was confused before this too because i had also seen that the plan was 29.99 on the site..but its 20 when i put it in my cart??

    which one is it

  17. dddduuuuuuddee Says:

    k im guessing it was just because i added a voice plan to it. 20 with a plan and 29.99 without a minute plan.

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