New Sidekick 3 Marketing Campaign

While running around San Francisco, CA we found a new ad campaign that TMobile is launching. Looks like they’re getting back to the grassroots marketing of the Sidekick 3 with a nod to the Back-To-School season. We spoke with the new Marketing Director at the store, TJ, and he said that it was very successful as long as people weren’t hating on it and erasing it as they walked by.

15 Responses to “New Sidekick 3 Marketing Campaign”

  1. b-easy Says:

    Wow. What a find.

  2. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:


  3. Ya Boy B Says:

    what kind of news is that? that’s pitiful. i need some news on the OTA’s!!

  4. b-easy Says:

    there is NO ota soon. get that out ya head. lol.

  5. anthonyjta Says:

    there is nothing “hot” about it… it’s a cellphone.

  6. djdarkx Says:

    wow, news is going down the drain, just like

  7. bapesta16 Says:

    damn hiptop3 is diein. or is it just me. gotta b sumtin new iwth the sk3 or sum new info

  8. b-easy Says:

    Should be some new stuff soon. This week or next ={) it has a mustache. lol.

  9. bapesta16 Says:

    i hope so.

  10. rina1017 Says:

    That is so lame.. Who cares about their “marketing campaign” if we already have sidekick 3’s

  11. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:

    its kinda like the xbox360.

    i think they brought it out a little to early to jump the gun on the competition. what competition i dunno, but my dad got that chocolate phone from verizon and that thing is VERY nice.

  12. b-easy Says:

    I know something yall dont know 🙂 and its about a certain feature on the SK3 and what some people wanted. Too bad i cant post it :(.. Well accually some people on here know me from my old username(ghettoboi682), and decided to tick me off and start stuff with me, so no. I am not risking posting on here because of that and well.. It is still being configured and tested if you want to ask me…

    AIM me.. ghettoboi682 on aim and i may tell you. *btw i don’t like rude people, so if you wanna know you will have to aim me politely*

  13. b-easy Says:

    alright. here’s a *hint* it involves the memory card. lol.

  14. b-easy Says:

    accually. i want that deleted. No more IM’s. i dont have my SK anymore because some people decided to IM (friends and ppl askin) me at school n well. I wont have it till tomarra. Im hatin senior year. My pc isnt working due to the mother board went Kaboom eariler. but im sure if you google sidekick3 ***** it would show. BTW i you get to guess the 5 letter thing. hahahah bye.

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