Official Sidekick Slide pics

T-Mobile has gone all official with the Sidekick Slide (aka the Zante) finally. The price? A reasonable $199 with a 2 year contract. Official specs are no big surprise either:

Screen: 320×240
Dimensions: 4.6in x 2.6in x 0.6in
Weight: 5.3 ounces
Memory: MicroSD slot
OS: DangerOS v4.0
Messaging: MySpace, AIM, MSN, Yahoo,email (4 accounts), SMS/MMS support. (finally MMS!)
Camera: 1.3mp
Video: No video on release, but we hear rumors that it will support it.
And all the other stuff you’ve come to know and love on your Sidekick 3, just in a new package made by Motorola.
Release date is scheduled for November 7th

Who’s getting one?

Sidekick SlideSidekick SlideSidekick SlideSidekick Slide
…and why won’t Sacha pick up her phone?!

6 Responses to “Official Sidekick Slide pics”

  1. Money.Cartel Says:

    How about getting Helio to make a Sidekick? Why keep messing with the damn design when thats pretty much perfected? Add more features dammit Google Search, YouTube, video support, mobile blogging, auto uploading to sites like Photobucket & Flickr, Google Maps…the Myspace Mobile app is aiight but that doesnt justify the price of either of these things at least knock $100 or more off for current owners.

    And why does this thing look like a Fisher Price toy?

  2. SFbwoy415 Says:

    which shud b a betr choice to get the Slide or The LX…cuz ii want fuckin video!

  3. mistergoodman Says:

    It seems like the only difference in functionality between the LX and the Slide are a few less pixels on the screen and no bundled microSD card. I already have a microSD card, so why shouldn’t I save myself $100 and get the smaller Slide?

  4. hamilton Says:

    well there a few more diffrences then that. screen size. louder speaker. updated OS

  5. choppa Says:

    Sidekick slides are so awsome.

  6. Helen Says:

    I Have The Official relese Date For The Sidekick Lx !
    It’s Febuary 2009.
    Don’t Beleive Me?
    Even Ask T-Mobile !

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