Sidekick LX: Blue or Brown?

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Confirmed by T-Mobile’s Best Buy’s computers and a rebellious employee, the guys at Danger/T-Mobile are apparently taking after Microsoft and are offering the Sidekick LX in colors that remind us of the Zune. Yes, the Sidekick LX will be available not only in the blue/black color that we’ve already seen, but will also come in brown. (No word on a white one yet) As far as what shade of brown, we haven’t heard yet. A T-Mobile rep contacted us and let us know it is listed as Espresso Brown. Wouldn’t this color have been more appropriate for the SKiD guys?

One surprising thing to note from the pictures is that T-Mobile’s system says there’s a street date of 10-21-2007. One can guess that this means that T-Mobile stores will have the device on the 21st. So bribery and sweet-talking an employee just might get you a sneak peak.

Oh, and one more thing. There will be LEDs around the body of the device that flash with alerts.

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22 Responses to “Sidekick LX: Blue or Brown?”

  1. sidekickslide Says:

    praying for blue or white

  2. hamilton Says:

    Agree. Brown just doesn’t sound ryt. Untill I c it in brown it just seems a bit gross. I lyk the blue black 1

  3. kur5e Says:

    blue black fo sho brown is nasty white would be ight man idc as long as it aint brown i just want that mothafucka lol and i already got my reserve card got it yesterday and im from chicago southwest burbs…

  4. hamilton Says:

    Lucky. They may not even bring the LX in australia. I want 1. Does ne 1 kno if it wil b brought out in assie?

  5. sdk4fiend Says:

    brown is nasty please have a blue 1 fo me please post a price im dying 2 know da price on da lx

  6. hamilton Says:

    Yes price!!! And does ne 1 kno if it will b in australia. And wat r the specs?

  7. thizzrdie Says:

    I want the official features released!!!

  8. sinskick Says:

    @ thizzrdie – i second that!!

  9. hamilton Says:

    I third that. Resease the features already!!!

  10. Ryan Yo Says:

    I had my doubts about the brown too, but it looks promising in that pic.

    Prices are also listed here.

  11. hamilton Says:

    Thx so much. Huge price diffrence but styl goin witt he lx for $299 ova the slide at $199

  12. hamilton Says:

    Not relli ne new features

  13. mistergoodman Says:

    The new screen (higher resolution on the LX than you get on most Windows Mobiles phones) is certainly welcome. And T-Mobile is FINALLY enabling MMS support. I’m disappointed that it can’t do video (thus far). And I worry about how long it’ll be before apps get rewritten for the new OS and screen resolution. I rely on MoneyClip a whole lot. (Yeah, I could just wait a while before upgrading, but my Sidekick 3 is acting up.) I’m VERY pleased about the screen upgrade though.

  14. jayh3tr Says:

    Those pictures look like that of Best Buy’s RSS system, a search engine for their inventory, and not of a t-mobile computer.

  15. hamilton Says:

    In australia we already had mms 4 the past 2 models but I’m very pleased wit the screen upgrade. It needed it. But styl lacking important features. Does ne 1 kno if they will b out in australia?

  16. johnsonroda27 Says:


  17. Daymian Says:

    Yup Thats BestBuys RSS….. Check the Third Pic Bottom left corner… Best Buy Logo..I hope we get it at my store

  18. rad55 Says:

    Daymian on September 26, 2007 at 11:58 pm said:

    Yup Thats BestBuys RSS….. Check the Third Pic Bottom left corner… Best Buy Logo..I hope we get it at my store

    thats awesome, which store are you at? I’m at 458, Long Island New York

    “458, Dominate ;]”

  19. hamilton Says:

    Do u kno if it will b out in australia ne 1??

  20. xxda1nonlyxx Says:

    i work at 557

  21. sklx.nerd Says:

    i’d rather get da blue wun. itsz look black newaisz…& plusz da brown lx looksz lyke doo doo & a chocolate bar =/

  22. sklx brown Says:

    yeaa everyone saying the brown wun is nasty lookiin and ii tottaly agree [ ii havee thee brown wun ) ughh iim soo unhappy because iit look liikee poop and thee only reason ii brought thee brown because ii wanted to be “unique ” because everyone had thee midnight blue one ! Ughh ii wanna tradee my brown for thee bluee . Anyonee know how can ii without paying any more money ?

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