OTA 3.1 coming ?

The Sidekick 3 online manual has been updated to reflect the 3.1 Over-The-Air update of the Sidekick OS. While the Suncom Hiptop 3 is supposedly running on 3.1 already, all the TMobile Sidekick customers are currently stuck with OS 3.0 with the battery issues. This update will fix the common battery issues but hopefully not lock off the Sidekick themes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

From the manual:

Release 3.1 Over-the-Air Update for Sidekick 3 Users

This update arrives in two parts: first the operating system, then the firmware. Together, the update delivers overall performance enhancements to your Sidekick 3, including a correction to the battery charge readings.

4 Responses to “OTA 3.1 coming ?”

  1. SMASH!!!! Says:

    it all says about the 3.1 … but when will we get itl… cuz im fucking sick of this battrie crap and tmobile is telling me im making it up!

  2. SMASH!!!! Says:

    also… i am 1 st and 2nd.. just liek teh rest of you allways say

  3. b-easy Says:

    There are accually people claiming they recived this update. One picture is proof. heres the link. https://www.hiptop.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=54175

    look for the screenshot.

    I’m calling it a night.

    Have fun kids 🙂

  4. s4xton Says:

    I got the update – seemingly no end-user improvements.

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