Shuriken (Sidekick LX) on FCC

Sidekick LX FCC Label Shuriken

The Danger Shuriken (aka the Sidekick LX) has shown up on the FCC’s site. Some interesting things we sifted out of the filing:

– The model number is PV250 (FCC ID: APYNAR0063). The Sidekick 2 was PV100, the Sidekick ID was PV150, and the Sidekick 3 was PV200. It worries us a little bit that this may not be that big of a jump in version or maybe we’re just speculating too much based on version numbers.
– The “engineering prototype” was received for testing on May 26th, 2007. This means that a working sample of the Shuriken has been around for close to 3 months!
– This prototype is “equivalent to mass-produced items” so basically that means the hardware is done as far as design.
– It’s GSM/EGPRS (EDGE), so no 3G for us yet.
– Battery is a Li-Ion 3.7Vdc 1540mAh, a small bump up from the Sidekick 3’s battery. Hopefully there has been some redesign and tweaking to help get the battery life increased since this device will have a bigger and better screen
– The short term confidentiality ends on September 16th, 2007, but Sharp has preemptively filed for a 45 day extension until October 31, 2007. So no external photos from the FCC until after the Halloween Hunt unless the FCC slips on Sept. 16th. For what it’s worth, the Sidekick ID docs hit the FCC in January, and the device was released in April. The Sidekick 3 docs hit the fcc in April, and the device was released in June. Let the speculation begin. We’re guessing October.

2 Responses to “Shuriken (Sidekick LX) on FCC”

  1. exileayahika Says:

    I can wait until October.

  2. Ryan Yo Says:

    I dont get why we have seen this officially on the FCC, but not the Slide, when there are actual, hands-on pics of the Slide floating around.

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