Themes (Backgrounds) available in the catalog

Sidekick backgrounds themes screenshotsidekick backgrounds themessidekick background theme

In addition to free Sidekick 3 themes, T-Mobile has finally included themes in the Download Catalog. This means that you can download a theme direct to your device if you’re willing to shell out $1.99 for the convenience. This also lets Sidekick iD owners customize their devices finally. Sidekick iDs don’t have a memory card, so you can’t load your own custom themes and backgrounds on them like you can with the Sidekick 3. To download themes direct from T-Mobile, check out the Download Catalog. For more information on creating your own custom themes, check out

Thanks to Fully for the screenshots

4 Responses to “Themes (Backgrounds) available in the catalog”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Eat that, iPhone!

  2. AcidAngel Says:

    too bad ive had themes on my skid since day 1 lololololz

  3. sassyjap Says:

    Hey does anyone know if they are going to add to the sounds you can download what they use to have such as the animal sounds? Also seems to be much more limited in choosing sounds for aol im

  4. aneesha Says: do you put a backgrounr of yourself of yurr own picture?.?

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