Sidekick 3 Catalog Purchases Not Transferring to Sidekick LX?

Busy news day here at Hiptop3… Boy Genius Report has updated their initial look at the Sidekick LX with some new information, that’s somewhat saddening.

“A couple early findings from our Sidekick LX…all ringtones, games, and applications do not transfer over from a Sidekick 3. This mean you’ll need to repurchase everything again. There is a chance this might change as the device is not publicly available, but we doubt it. Also, at this point in time, the Sidekick LX’s Catalog is heavily lacking content…whether developers won’t need to, or haven’t recompiled the apps and games yet, there is only a short few available things to purchase currently in the Application and Games folders.”

They do not say whether it’s displaying that dialog that says something similar to “All your previous purchases will not transfer over to your Sidekick” or if they don’t transfer over simply because they are not yet updated for the Sidekick LX. …More information as it unfolds.

via Boy Genius Report

From phonemaverick’s “Downloading games & apps” YouTube’s video comments..

BGR is right… for an item to work on a new device, developers must essentially create a new app. So, they charge users to download it to new devices. This started with sidekick/hiptop3. If you download an app to a sk/ht3 and lose the device, you can get a new sk/ht3 and the apps will automatically redownload for FREE. BUT if you switch device types (e.g. sk/ht3 to lx or slide), you may need to pay for those apps to work on your new device.

8 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Catalog Purchases Not Transferring to Sidekick LX?”

  1. Ya Boy B Says:

    wow. i dont know what to say. i hope i dont have to repurchase these games that i’ve already paid 5.99 a peice for!! if so i dont know about the rest of y’all but i will pretty pissed.

  2. hamilton Says:

    i guess it make sense tho, but styl kinda crappy

  3. Aaron Says:

    It doesn’t make sense. This is a load of BS all over again. The “rebuild application” line is a load of shit. Yeah, it needs to be compiled against another library and probably some UI tweaks done, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. It’s a scheme for T-Mobile to rake more bucks in.

  4. hamilton Says:

    If ppl r gonna pay 500 bux 4 the fone anotha 6 bux per game or wateva doesn’t compare

  5. hamilton Says:

    Ppl r gonna pay 500 bux 4 da lx but complainin about anoth 6 bux or wateva 2 redownload da games.

  6. hamilton Says:

    Wat I’d bullshyt is ppl r gonna pay 500 bux 4 da lx yet complain about anoth 6 bux or wateva 2 redownload dames

  7. Ryan Yo Says:

    no shocker here……and big deal, its a couple bucks….

  8. kandie73 Says:

    does anyone who how many games, ringtones, etc. the lx can hold?

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