Sidekick 3 custom themes

We’ve done a lot of thinking the past few weeks in regards to custom themes/backgrounds on the Sidekick 3. Everyone and their brother knows about the undocumented but easily accessible custom themes feature on the Sidekick 3 now. We’ve even gone as far as to put up a site with with 4000+ Sidekick 3 themes submitted!

At the same time that we’re enjoying this customization, there’s a lot of talk about how the next OTA may disable this feature in order for TMobile to sell Sidekick users premade wallpapers. In all honesty, we’re hoping they’ll realize that for every custom made theme, that’s one more Sidekick 3 that will be pulled out of a pocket to show off to a friend. One more custom hinge sound that noone has ever heard on a phone that will draw the attention of strangers when you flip the screen.

Is it wrong to think that custom themes are a good thing, both for users of the Sidekick 3 as well as TMobile? With the new themes, we all get a chance to make the phone “ours” whether it means loading a background of Jay-Z, a pair of Nikes, Mariah Carey, Tron, or our geeky favorite, a light saber sound for the screen. In our opinion, this makes us even more devoted and attached to the glossy little gadget.

22 Responses to “Sidekick 3 custom themes”

  1. XAfterShock08X Says:

    If Danger decides to make a OTA to disable custom themes, it will be the BIGGEST mistake they ever made. [first] =]

  2. b-easy Says:

    i honestly don’t mind if they sell them. i’m happy with the surface one. even though i made about 30 custom. But it wouldn’t bug me if they do.

  3. Soranita Says:

    Amen to that. I hope someone from T-Mobile reads this.

  4. Says:

    Check this thing out it’s pretty cool.

  5. bape Says:

    this is the ONE thing that lets our sidekick actually be ours. why take that away? if i paid $300 for something i should be able to do w/e the hell i want with it.

  6. n64ssb Says:

    ya, if they disable this, im gana be pissed

  7. xONWARDtoVICTORYx Says:

    you think they care? its like custom ringtones. they dont want us to have anything custom or free because they can put spiderman3 on a background, charge 4.99 for it and someone will buy it.

    they didnt advertise for custom backgrounds and we baught the phone. are you really going to give it back cause they take it away? i dont think ill be that mad i baught the phone for other reasons rather than custom ringtones and backgrounds. i dont think saying “CUSTOM BACKGROUNDS” when the phone came out woulda changed anyones minds to wether or not they wanted the phone. SOMEONES going to buy it and i think the ratio of customers whod put time/effort into a background is pretty small compared to the people who just dont care about it.

    id love to keep the custom background and whats weird is more than HALF of the camera phones out there have the option of putting a picture as a background. so why not let us sidekick people have this one? maybe we can write tmobile?

  8. b-easy Says:

    that isnt going to do anythin. i dont mind to pay for ringtones. it helps keep data costs down as well as voice plans. it could be worse, othere carriers charge 3.50+ for ringtones and they sould like shit. if you want to set a pic as a background, get a phone that can do that. i like the backgrounds but i wouldnt mind to buy pre-made ones for 2.99 or even 3.99, if not, then i will be happy with the 4 provided. funny thing to say.. if acidangel would have never shared this info with people. noone would mind to pay for them in the catalog. but we will see in the next few months what happens.

  9. b-easy Says:

    sound not should!

  10. bapesta16 Says:

    man i just hope they get better reception cuz my shit b losin connection outta no where

  11. bapesta16 Says:

    i man for the ota if there is one or when it gonan come out. themes isnt everythin

  12. b-easy Says:

    yes. a radio firmware upgrade would be appreciated

  13. big herm Says:

    Da sidekik3 or da ladopatada3 is tite but its very complecated andyes a radio firmware would be very appreciated

  14. german Says:

    Is there any girls here

  15. bapesta16 Says:

    hey on the site they added an traffic light and the cloud is now white. also a monrail train thing. thats the new shit they added on aug 11th?

  16. b-easy Says:

    oldnews. its been like that for a week almost.

  17. bapesta16 Says:

    so hows everyone’s sk3? gettin better? mine seem to b gettin better reception ever month since i got it on june 30.

  18. german Says:

    Mines iz gettin better I found out a lot of stuff

  19. redllght5 Says:

    can someone help me with the themes? i’ve tired the tutorials and it’s not working

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  21. Sidekick3 Tips » Sidekick3! Says:

    […] Sidekick 3 custom themes […]

  22. loganltm Says:

    Anyone find out how to do custom ringtones like you can do on a motorolla? ive known about the themes but im still trying to import my own 30 second ringtones. if anyone knows jot me an email to


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