Sidekick 3 MP3 Player is SonicBOOM

pandemic nailed the name of the Sidekick 3 MP3 player in only the 2nd comment. That’s right, according to the manual the MP3 player on the Sidekick 3 is named SonicBOOM. Based on the manual page we obtained, it’s no surprise that the miniSD card is going to function as the storage for your MP3s, and will show up as a removable drive on your PC. Luckily no extra software, or DRM codecs or anything to install. Just copy the MP3s over, unplug, and play! With the recent release of 2GB miniSD cards (which the Sidekick 3 can hopefully handle), you’ll be able to carry approximately 500 MP3s. And if you downsample the MP3s, you’ll be able to squeeze even more on there. Just don’t forget to leave some room for pictures taken with your 1.3megapizel camera. Looks like Danger is really listening to one of the top demands users had after the Sidekick II came out!

42 Responses to “Sidekick 3 MP3 Player is SonicBOOM”

  1. johnnycake Says:

    im 1st yeah

  2. johnnycake Says:

    ooh yeah i’m 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wonder what are the actual step to downloading mp3’s onto a miniSD card?

  4. CJDynasty Says:

    Seems easy enough. I guess im gettin rid of my ipod. I dont use all of the 30 gigs anyway…

    BTW… What else juicy is in the manual? Like what are all the specs. Video capability?

  5. Jeph Says:

    Ha. Picture messaging was my top demand, but I’m definitely not getting picky, particularly with this news.

    Excellent find,

  6. jordan19s Says:

    will the sk3 have video

  7. CJDynasty Says:

    It does have picture messaging right? I thought it did.

  8. Woahh Says:

    Wow! Great job! Sounds amazing!

  9. aznmonkeyxD Says:

    yes!!! just wondering thats the same type of memory card on a sony psp right?!?!?!?

  10. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i want it but like i said earlier i wont buy it if its over 300.00


  11. Jeph Says:

    …I haven’t heard anything about picture messaging, but I really, really hope it allows for it.

  12. R Kritikal Says:

    sounds easy enough, with my last phone i had to download programs and all types of difficult stuff

  13. SidekickStar330 Says:

    when are we gonna see the whole manual?

  14. cdm112 Says:

    pieces of the manual is suspect…post the whole thing

  15. R Kritikal Says:

    when you buy it

  16. youngeurow Says:

    I wanna see the whole manual leaked and I want a price for this damn thing I’m tired of waiting my patience is running very low now

  17. RudeBoy Says:

    Is it true that the SK3 is going to have a pink keypad?! Well if it is…then i am SO going to get one…because I am gay and I love hott boys!

  18. aznmonkeyxD Says:

    does the sk3 use the same memory card as psp??

  19. celtickuja Says:

    I’m sorry, but I gotta call fake on this one. Firstly, the image just doesn’t look right. The clipart on the side is much lower resolution than the rest of the text. The wording as far as mounting and unmounting the drive just doesn’t flow properly. USB 1.1? I doubt that, and I’m gonna be pretty upset if it is.

  20. newyorkcityholic Says:

    does anyone know if sk3 is gonna be available for prepaid????

  21. akadrez Says:

    So we can finally get it on june 26th?

  22. Adam716 Says:

    Is this a reliable manual though??

  23. Adam716 Says:

    Is it gonna have external speakers or a headphone jack???

  24. Jeph Says:

    Probably both, Adam716. It will have speakerphone, as it simply wouldn’t make sense for it not to; so I suppose it’s safe to assume those speakers can be used to play MP3s. (They played ringtones, after all.)

  25. FutrExec01 Says:

    what a stupid name

  26. Adam716 Says:

    My name is stupid?

  27. djdarkx Says:

    He’s talking about the “SonicBOOM” name. LOL

  28. R Kritikal Says:

    probably just a normal headset as all phones come with

  29. tonightwestorm Says:

    i agree with jeph. i want to know if it supports picture messaging through text messages, not just email.. but being picky at this point is useless because it’s so close!!!

  30. Toyakon Says:

    June 26, this really exciting, I can’t wait!

  31. R Kritikal Says:

    they should have a midnight type of thing, be open june 26th at midnight kind of like movie premiers or video game release dates, have cookies and punch and what not haha

  32. SidekickStar330 Says:

    i think SonicBoom is not the real name…its kinda LAME…i liked the idea of HipTunes…even though it was probably fake

  33. FutrExec01 Says:

    i agree with sidekickstar, haha and too adam716, i wasnt referring to your name lol i meant “sonicBOOM” (what in gods name does that have to do with tmo, sidekicks, OR any mp3 players?)

  34. Faufrey Says:

    I hope you’ll be able to set a song from your “sonicboom” as your ringtone. but who know’s, we’ll have to wait n see.

  35. SidekickStar330 Says:

    haha i agree! its sooo random, but i dont even think thats the real name..i CANT see it…connecting ym SKK3 to my computer and a ituens like applciation pops up on my cmputer and the headlone is SonicBOOM

    nope cant see it

  36. R Kritikal Says:

    i like sonic boom better then hiptunes, hiptunes just sounds too corny, the whole “hiptop” name doesnt really catch my attention

  37. s4xton Says:

    Who reads Information there is one of two things:

    1) Stolen from
    2) Complete Bullshit

    Read the comments too – 95% of those “anonymous” posters are actually BSD commenting to himself.

  38. FutrExec01 Says:

    hahaha, man i feel bad for poor ol’ BSD…he just cant get a break

  39. superdj1 Says:

    ITS HIPTUNES HIPTUNES ITS FREAKIN HIPTUNES GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!! SonicBOOM is the name of an MP3 program to burn cds and other shit…. Copyright laws will inflict… Sides look on PG 18 For more info on a USB 1.1?????? Hello 1.1 is like 2 years OLD!!!!! Sides the instructions dont even sound prfesional!! The thing that it sais about you may be sharing space.. It should be with an asteric ( * ) on the bottom of the page saying it….. SonicBOOM sounds retarted anyways…

  40. ghettoboi682 Says:

    well obviously by now we all know that it has 1.1, and it is called Sonic boom… haha i love posting after everyone…

    i doubt anyone is going to read this neways so it doesnt really matter

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