Reaching for the hoaxes..

This isn’t news in any sense, but it made us laugh and we figured we’d share it with you. “The Newest of the sidekick sereis” ?? We received the following email with this image attached:

Yesterday while i was at work, i was talking to my friend on aim, and he told me that the sk3 was up on the tmobile website. At first i didn’t believe him because of all the other fake stuff thats been floating around. I couldn’t check for myself since i was at work so he said he would use the PrtScn button that’s on the keyboard. When i got home that night he sent me the pic and i was pretty amazed because it looked real. Feel free to post if you’s like. Though it might be better then some of the crap posted lately.

To add to the amusement, this user has been banned from the several times:
1st banned
2nd banned
Soon to be banned

8 Responses to “Reaching for the hoaxes..”

  1. Willobee Says:

  2. s4xton Says:

    Watch, will post it as if it’s real – like every other piece of BS I send him. Heh.

  3. orlandito_colucci Says:


  4. orlandito_colucci Says:

    3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ah io cant not beleive that

  5. orlandito_colucci Says:

    oook um wat is thi sexactly

  6. s2garys2 Says:

    that has the be the funniest thing iv seen in a couple days 🙂

  7. akadrez Says:

    Damn y can’t I ever be first to comment, he wasn’t smart enought to make it perfect

  8. exileayahika Says:

    Of course it’s fake, they spelled “series” wrong.

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