Sidekick 3 OTA details

For those of you wondering what the Sidekick 3 OTA that is currently rolling out brings to your device, wonder no more:

* GSM network feature enhancements
* Enhanced USSD Support
* Retry option for failed Text Messages
* Enhanced SIM PIN protection
* Optimized PLMN scan algorithm to improve network registration time when returning to good coverage
* Faster PLMN searches

So in short about the only thing you’ll ‘see’ is better coverage and the ability to resend text messages when they fail.

Thanks tipster!

4 Responses to “Sidekick 3 OTA details”

  1. Leelaa000 Says:

    Huh??? I do not see any changes when a text fails. It looks the same as it did before I did the update. What would have been better is the option like a different phone I used to have. When the signal was not as strong, the text would be saved in the drafts folder and then it would send itself when the signal was better.

  2. Leelaa000 Says:

    Well, I called customer service and they said the update has been rolled out, but that my sidekick in particular has not received it yet. I only got the firmware update so far. I should get it in a few weeks.

  3. superspic Says:

    where is this retry option for failed texts?…

  4. junior Says:

    I haven’t gotten my OTA yet
    And my kick is the 3. Is there something
    Rong that didn’t let me qet it or sumting??

    Please answer my qnstion ah

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