Sidekick 3 Release Date – UPDATE

Ok, we threw it against the wall, and some of it stuck and some of it slid down the wall a little. The latest update from one of our sources says that June 20th will be the announcement and launch party of the Sidekick 3, aka when all the celebrities will get their picture taken with the new Sidekick. June 28th should be the beginning of the upgrade program, which we don’t have concrete details on yet, but we’re assuming it will be the same deal as the Sidekick II. Current owners will receive an email to their address, with a phone number to call and listen to the busy signal for hours, finally get through and place an order and exchange an older Sidekick in exchange for a rebate. The last time, they took any model, and several people traded in their old black and white sidekicks without any problem. As for in store releases, it’s looking like early July. This will obviously vary depending on TMobile locations, shipments, delays, etc.

At this point, we’re no longer calling this rumour, this comes from a reliable source that has an excellent track record with us. This is the information that was conveyed to them. At this point, any changes in date are probably a result of TMobile shifting things around.

31 Responses to “Sidekick 3 Release Date – UPDATE”

  1. D_cell Says:


    (that what this site is all about right?)

  2. Woahh Says:

    Eeeek, Early July until I get my SK3! Guess Ill wait it out..

  3. youngeurow Says:

    Hmmm so an upgrade eh sounds good

  4. TheCake2005 Says:

    i heard that it was earily july. thats kind of dissapointing, but i will wait

  5. Dquestic Says:

    Any word on if Cingular will actually get thier hands on the SKIII? Not that tmobile is that bad, but I would really love a true Edge experience with the sidekick. Plus T-Mobile continues to have network problems, I can only imagine what’s going to happen when the SKIII onslaught begins.

  6. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    Still a rumor, VERY reliable rumor, indeed. Let’s hope it will come out in June in stores *grin*.

  7. orlandito_colucci Says:

    omg im tired of them changin everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. GoTrojans_12 Says:

    So June 28 is the release date huh? Well, I hope it stays at that date because it gets me irritated when I see it being pushed back longer and longer each day. By the way, is there a possibility that we could get the exact price for the SKIII?

  9. E Says:

    Early July? I went in to the T-Mobile store at the beginning of May to get my first Sidekick II and they told me a Sidekick III should be out soon, I’ve been waiting since then WITH NO PHONE, NONE AT ALL! They better be worth it!

  10. orlandito_colucci Says:

    i hope so but i think not sure but it has to be 250.00 to 325.00

  11. tonightwestorm Says:

    when will t-mobile start their marketing campaign? they seem to be really really waiting till the last moment to get everyone hyped up.. but i guess everyone is hyped up anyways, even without the ads.

    it would just be nice to know some solid facts on when, where, how much, and what features..

  12. BritBrat version 666 Says:

    I want it so bad :[

    But really now, 500 dollars? that seems pricy. I’m guessing 350 to 425 ish.

    Any other guesses?

  13. djdarkx Says:

    Unknown until it is released



  15. Sidekickchik Says:

    I cannot wait, when I called t-mobile last month they told me probably before Christmas, but July is totally fine. I will camp out infront of t-mobile in July to get my hands on it! I can’t wait! Is it normal to dream about it? HAHA

  16. Toyakon Says:

    I want to upgrade but I still want to keep ALL my payed for applications… |ill there be a way to keep them?

  17. SxySidekickerIIIGal Says:


  18. dropdeadtragic Says:

    check that out. i know its an old post but it caught my eye
    fake or real, either way. i’m pumped for the sidekick’s future/potential! haha

  19. Andy Says:

    No way.

  20. Andy Says:

    No way.

  21. R Kritikal Says:

    i called t-mobile he said its going to be like $349.99

  22. fauxexistant Says:

    so if sk2 users can upgrade, how much would you estimate it would cost us?
    and i also have a question about whether the screen slides up, or does it slide like the sidekick2?

  23. Twon Says:

    I wonder if I can get by upgrading and sending them my first sidekick ii with a broken screen and keeping this one? I would think they wouldn’t really care seeing how I bought two of them already anyways.

  24. Sidekickchik Says:

    $350? Thats not bad at all, thats about how much Im willing to pay for it too

  25. Sidekick III Says:

    i cant wait, haha im so paranoid that im going to miss my update to sk3 email that i leave my phone on, extra loud near my bed, when ever i get a email i get it with a quickness

  26. akadrez Says:

    No way they told you da price Rkritical, they haven’t even had da launch party, I wanna keep ma sidekick two so I dun give a damn how much it is am payin for it. I wanna b one of the first ones to get it let me kno which is da quickest way, cuz I stare at those pictures everyday

  27. R Kritikal Says:

    okay watch, quote me on that price, he said “$300 to $400, probably about $349.99”

  28. Sidekickchik Says:

    This is so exciting, well even if its $400, I will pay for it, I think its going to kill off all those ugly blackberrys and what not lol But I think it would be smart to come out with a pink and black version at the same time lol

  29. dollface Says:

    i cant wait for the sk3 to come out, this is gonna be my graduation gift. its so lovely.

  30. Sidekickchik Says:

    Okay, so I went to my local t-mobile store here in Los Angeles, and I was adding a seperate line to my plan so my moms can get a phone, anyways I asked the girl who was takin care of my plan when is the sidekick 3 coming out, and she smiled and was like “July 10th is when we are getting shipment!” and then she added ” I cant wait, Im waiting for it too!”

    so according to a t-mobile store employee… July 10th is the release date…

  31. Sidekickchik Says:

    Oh and the price for it is around $299.99, but I think thats with activation so it will probably end up being $350 reg with no activation

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