Sidekick iD in Japan?

Sidekick iD

Unfortunately we don’t speak Japanese, but Tech-On has posted an article about the Sidekick iD, including a video of them breaking it down. We’re not entirely sure why they’re doing a review of a US phone that can’t even be used in Japan, but perhaps it’s the same reason gadget sites here in the states post about fancy shmancy phones that are only available over there. It also looks like they may have taken it apart to peek at the guts based on this page. And it’s not the only device they’ve ripped apart as there are Apple TVs, Wiis, PS3s, and more on that page. But unfortunately we don’t read Japanese any better than we speak it. Regardless, it looks like the Sidekick iD has sparkd the interest of some Japanese gadget heads.

One Response to “Sidekick iD in Japan?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to buy the sidekick3 let me know

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