GPS on a Sidekick?

Danger’s job page, while always interesting to look at, sometimes drops clues regarding what features they’re working on for future devices. This time it looks like they’re going to be working on GPS support via bluetooth. Here’s the internship listing:

Internship – Software Engineering: Location-Based Services
Job Code : Intern-07-3
Division/Company : Apps
Location : 1; PALO ALTO CA US 94306
Travel Required : No Travel
Job Type : Intern-Temporary
Career Level : Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
Education : Some College Coursework Completed
Skill : Computer Software Development -> C language programming, Java, UNIX
Category : Computers, Hardware,Computers, Software,Engineering,Telecommunications
Compensation :
Job Description :


Internship – Software Engineering: Location-Based Services

We are offering full time summer internships in both MBA and technical areas. Our Summer Internship Program will run 3 months from approximately June 4th thru August 31st.

We are seeking talented students who would love the opportunity to work in a challenging & creative environment. Danger, Inc. is a dynamic, fast paced, private software company in the mobile/internet space. Creating innovative, user-friendly, fun software for the mobile Internet is the heart of what we do. As an intern at Danger, you will be a part of innovative projects and work with some of the most talented people in the industry! You will learn from the best and be a part of today’s most cutting edge technology! All our internships are paid! We offer competitive salary and perks.


In this position you will be working with Danger’s experienced Library Team to formalize our Blue Tooth support for serial protocol.

* Formalize Java Native Interface APIs for our BT serial support
* Get API approval through the API Council
* Formalize the Java Native Interface and glue layer for binding the BT serial support as a GPS provider of data

Job Requirements :


* This is a great opportunity for a Computer Science major with coding experience
* Bachelor’s level student working at the C-language level
* Working knowledge of Java a big plus!
* You must be enrolled in a college or university and actively pursuing a degree relative to the internship
* You must be immediately authorized to work in the US.

Thanks to exiva from HiptopHunt for noticing this

13 Responses to “GPS on a Sidekick?”

  1. rad55 Says:

    sidekick is dead to me… long live The Ocean! I cant wait! They are shipping on Monday the 14th!

    *hopefully the sidekick 4 is severely lacking features… If its good, I might be back*

  2. rad55 Says:


  3. b-easy Says:

    Have fun with your crappy ocean. You’ll be back 🙂

  4. rad55 Says:

    well i’ve had the drift for about a month now and i can already tell you it is WORLDS better than the crappy service t-mobile puts out. the GPS, video camera, multi-use bluetooth, H.O.T. support, and overall feature set beats the pants off of what the sidekick provides. couple that with the fact that the sprint based service is a million times better in call quality than t-mobiles crappy lines…I already know sidekick is gunna have its work cut out for it. The ocean has ALL that plus EV-DO support on the 3G wireless network AND a full HTML browser that can be seen in FULL html size. oh and its smaller… and the screen is QVGA…it kicks ass. 😉

  5. rad55 Says:

  6. TheOneAboveAll Says:

    rad55 I agree. I to have jumped ship. Although I still have my Sidekick 3, and ID I purchased the Ocean. I still love the SK. Its just outdated…besides there are always more fish…in the OCEAN.

  7. j619 Says:

    wowzerzz ppl n theere features lol cmon what happen to the true point of a cellphone……calling ppl lmao

  8. liljoker Says:

    well im sorry to say but the new sharp screen on the lx is 10 million times better than that qvga display hahaha its actually a high def screen and it rocks an with the new OTA update it nows supports video and can watch all ur favorite shows (given that you have the right software to convert media**if u want to know the software just ask**) i actually was able to watch a full length movie on my lx and it did fairly well so keep ur crappy ocean ill be watching high def movies all day!

  9. Ally Says:

    Hey liljoker whats the software to convert video??? i have a sidekick lx.


  10. liljoker Says:

    the software is formatfactory look for it in cnet downloads……ENJOY! Lol

  11. reaper Says:

    Lol sidekick lx 4ever =D

  12. CountV Says:

    I use Wondershare Video Converter Platinum, and now have 8 movies on my Sidekick LX 2009, and they look sweet. Still have room for 8 more on the Micro sd. Received Wondershare from giveawayoftheday as a free giveaway.

  13. SpikezLX Says:

    Can somebody please tell me..YES or NO if the sidekick has its own integrated GPS or will i have to use google maps or any other app like that

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