Win a Hiptop 3

Defamer Australia is having a Hiptop 3 contest giveaway. Not only will one lucky Australian win a Hiptop 3, but Defamer will also send them and a friend to the release party down there on May 22nd. In order to enter the contest, Defamer is asking you to:

Entertain us by adopting the persona of either Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan – both girls being somewhat “in the poo” at the moment – and tell us in twenty-five words or less what you think would be contained in a message sent from one to the other.

This ought to make for some interesting entries! If you’re in Australia, head over and enter. Sorry yanks, this one isn’t for you.

Thanks for the heads-up Chris!

12 Responses to “Win a Hiptop 3”

  1. Benji Says:

    i got a hiptop3 on trial from Telstra and its amazing! Get on top of this comp for sure.

    Alternatively, check the website

  2. Emily Gillard and Kiah Swinburne Says:

    Paris-i sor u hook up with my boyfriend. Wth is up with that? By the way, i loved your shoos. We shood go shopping some time. Thats hot. wb

  3. HB Says:


  4. jake Says:

    lindsay like i think
    you look so ugly in this
    photo of you in dolly.
    but like i would
    so tap that,,
    thats hot?

  5. Erin Says:

    Omg, Paris does ur like hiptop work in like ur jail cell?! Mine totally does. Txt Me. These orange jumpsuits are so not hot. 🙁

  6. Tamara Says:

    Paris Hilton

    Omg, lets get away from america and go to australia and spend thousands of dollars on clothes, interupt shoppers and be a total pain in the ass, i cant belive what nicole has done to me -crys to daddy-

  7. Tegan Says:

    OMG Lindsay. I heard ur off 2 jail… maybe I will visit sometime. But then again, maybe I won’t. I don’t wanna wreck my nails.

  8. Hiranie Says:

    omg paris ur so fat.
    the best way to get rid of 500 pounds
    is to shove ur finger down your throat
    and vomit everything you eat out.
    its like so in right now.
    unlike you, your like so yesterday bub.

    love ya!

  9. karly schwenke Says:

    omg lindsey,
    when i went to jail they took my phonee a of me
    like wtf were they thinking, um im PARIS HILTON!,
    ooh im so going to su this place!,
    and these ugly jumpsuites are soo not hot!.

  10. kayla Says:

    i love the hiptop i wish i could aford one

  11. Helen-Lyn Says:

    Omg Paris sorry i havent txtd u l8ly ive been in jail, the papz r soo annoying, heard u got ur charges dropped, any tips for me? which lawyr did u use? i need help i migt have 2 go 2 jail in lyke 2 weeks. totally sucks. the stupid judge keeps sending me 2 rehab its killin my career. Xo Kisses Love You Bitch

  12. Helen-Lyn Says:

    P.S omg the orange jumpsuit totally looked better on you.. thank god i went blonde otherwise i’d look like a carrot. YIKES! xo

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