Sidekick LX OTA starting to roll-out

It looks like the long awaited Sidekick LX OTA that enables video recording and playback is starting to roll-out to a few select users. These lucky few are commonly called the “pioneers” and are basically one last testing step before the update gets rolled out to everyone over a couple of weeks. Unfortunately there’s no way to make your Sidekick download the update before everyone. It’s all controlled server side and rolls out to chunks of people at a time in a seemingly random manner. It’s just the luck of the draw. I’m sure everyone will ignore what I just said and still ask how to get the OTA anyways.

5 Responses to “Sidekick LX OTA starting to roll-out”

  1. traicerx Says:

    hopefully we get screenshots of the new features. Well specially the browser’s new layout system

  2. eddieskankface Says:

    Wow! How exciting! What a bunch of upgrades!

  3. Bearmon Says:

    I am excite too but disappointment to some.. No .avi and no GPS map or map apps yet ? That’s a big disappointment to me however everything else is great and video is a must! 🙂

  4. MelReed1908 Says:

    I do not understand people. Whats wrong with the sidekick not having GPS does any phone with t mobile have GPS? Is t mobile a GPS based cell phone provider? And .avi why do you need that format when you could convert it to something else? Its not a iPhone and it will never be an iPhone otherwise it would be called a Sidephone or the Ikick. I don’t know, but why complain? This phone may not be the best on the market and my not have GPS but I want you to ask yourself this? Is it really worth paying 100 dollars for GPS when you could use map quest? I dont understand other people. If your disappointed then find another phone. Stop trying to make the sidekick a better phone than it already is. O and one more last thing, are you a programmer? Because if you were you’d!!!! be able to make a sidekick with GPS. Im done thats all I really had to say. Stop comparing apples and oranges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neither one is better than the other! They both give you what you need (Sidekick to iPhone)

  5. SwollenThumbs Says:

    I think some people needs zoloft. As for me I’m happy that the wait is finally over.

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