Sidekick LX 4.6 OTA Manual Images

These are images from the 4.6 Manual we posted Here We pulled them out and mirrored them, so you don’t have to scrounge through the manual for them.

New AIM splash screen, updated to reflect AOL dropping the “Running Man” logo

Updated Camera application splash, Now showing Space Remaining and Video logo.

Camera Application recording a video. Note the 176×144 resolution.

Camera application icons and mode guide

Camera Settings

2 Responses to “Sidekick LX 4.6 OTA Manual Images”

  1. christyaran Says:

    im confused about these images, is this what were getting with the new OTA Update? How do you get this theme, im in LOVE Lol… is that what were expected to see?

  2. brandon Says:

    Will there be a sidekick lx update in 2009?

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