Sidekick LX Tattoo

Sidekick Tattoo

Some of us really love the Sidekick. We wear Danger shirts, put stickers wherever we can, show off features to friends, and are probably considered “fan boys/girls” to most people. But some people really, really love the Sidekick. So much so that they want it to be a permanent part of them. First there was the Sidekick II tattoo, then Volcom got his Danger symbols tattoo, and now we bring you Wanda, who is the proud owner of a charm bracelet tattoo that includes a Sidekick LX.

Mike, one of the writers, had a chance to ask her a few questions:
What made you decide to get a sidekick tattoo?
I wanted a charm bracelet tattoo and all the charms had to represent me in some way. Everyone who knows me, thinks I’m obsessed with my phone, and maybe I am a little. I fell in love with the sidekick back when they came out with the sk color, but I couldn’t afford one just yet. No matter what phones come out, none of them compare (in my eyes) to the sidekick. So, it was a given that IT had to be one of the charms. Even if they never make another sidekick, it’ll always be with me. Plus, my bracelet would look kind of silly with only four.

Who designed the artwork?
The tattoo artist. I told her what kind of phone it was and she did the rest. She actually drew the whole bracelet for me.

When did you get your first Sidekick?
2005 (the sidekick 2)

How many sidekicks have you owned?
Four, the sidekick 2, sidekick 3, sidekick lx and sidekick lx 09

Tell me more about the Sidekick User Group (Geezers) you are in:
I started out as just a member, then I became the owner. Its a group for us “older” folks who just happen to have sidekicks. Although some of our members have crossed to the dark side and gotten other devices. We’re a mature crowd and talk about pretty much anything, without the vulgar language that sometimes comes with online groups. Anyone with a mobile device can join, as long as you’re 25 or older and willing to behave :-).

If someone over 25 wants to join SidekickGeezers, how do they sign up??
Go to this link and request membership. They have to first sign up with their mobile address.

Nice tattoo Wanda and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! If you want to see the rest of the chram bracelet, check out the gallery:

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61 Responses to “Sidekick LX Tattoo”

  1. ICON Says:

    Seeing as we’re a month into summer, how about some new on the laser etched backplate that I supposedly available to us “in the summer”?

    Or perhaps some news on the Sidekick getting Flash as well (cause Android phones are getting it according to an article from a couple weeks ago)?

    Or, maybe some news on the “other” Sidekick(s) that are supposed to come out this year, whether they be different models or just “limited edition”?

    There HAS to be something going on…

    Unless there is nothing cause Microsoft dismantled the Danger team…

  2. T-Mobile Employee Says:

    Sidekick with flash.Ha!!! You wish

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck her tattoo

  4. Sklx09luver Says:


  5. Ivansterr Says:

    hiptop3 is getting old , the same tatoo blog has been up for @least 5 months

    wtf man rocks 😎

  6. Anonymous Says:

    She should have got an LX 09 tatt

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I am selling my sidekick LX 09 for 200 dollars!!! Perfect Conditions!

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. angrypipewrench Says:

    F&%k your sidekick LX O9 for 200 dollars. YOU can’t use anything on it but the phone and the text if you can even find somebody to unlock it. Just went through this with my sidekick 2008. Everybody says it can be unlocked then surprise: Nobody knows why the code can’t be found. So I had to fucking sign up with t-mobile to use the fucking thing. So nobody buy a sidekick unless you are already with T-Mobile. Worthless. I like my phone don’t get me wrong but I don’t like people lying about how they can be unlocked. I tried damn near every unlock website on the internet and kept getting refunds cuz they couldn’t unlock it and t-mobile sure as hell wouldn’t unlock it. Oh and wanda, that tatoo is a little rough, but hey if you like it then fuck everybody else.

  10. anna Says:

    Okay like I love my sidekick that’s like my baby I don’t go anywhere without it…but to get a tattoo of your sidekick is just pointless I think tattoos are extremly pointless unless you have a good meaning to it like why fuckk upp your skin and get a sidekick tattooed on you that’s gunna stay on your body til your old && shrively no this tattoo is wack as shit and to love your fone is one this but to love it to the point where you get it tattooed on you your a complete idiott … okay I’m done here sidkicks are amazing but tattoos of it you gotta be a douche bag…

  11. sabrinaaa Says:

    damn he/she is fattt !

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