The Future of Danger and the Sidekick?

Sidekick LX in Pink

When Microsoft bought Danger, the speculation of the future of the company and the Sidekick began. It seems like over the last couple of months we’ve started to see some of the direction things may go in. We do know that a lot of the old Sidekick crew has left Microsoft, but we also know that Microsoft was hiring to replace those positions, but nobody really knew for what purpose. Would there be a new Sidekick? A completely different device? Would the technology get rolled into something else? Well, we’ve got some more clues.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft has selected an ad agency for their codenamed project known as “Pink“. From the ZDNet article:

Pink — last I heard — is the codename for a Microsoft-branded phone and set of accompanying premium consumer services being developed largely by the Danger team that Microsoft acquired last year. Pink will build on top of the core Windows Mobile 7 platform, my sources have said, but will look different from other third-party Windows Mobile 7 phones.

They also say:

Microsoft has been keeping close to the vest details about Pink. I’ve heard from my tipsters that there will be one Pink phone manufacturer. Some are saying it’s Motorola or possibly Sharp, both of which have manufactured Danger-based phones. Pink’s “user experience”/user interface, which is codenamed “Purple,” is meant to appeal to an audience not so different from the traditional Sidekick audience.

We can’t imagine how the Windows Mobile will appeal to the “traditional Sidekick audience” but we’re hoping Microsoft does pull it off. What do you think? Would you use a Windows Mobile device if it was similar enough to the Sidekick we know and love?

32 Responses to “The Future of Danger and the Sidekick?”

  1. thatboytitz Says:

    no of course not. windows mobile will be the death of the sidekick

  2. catper712 Says:

    Hmm sounds interesting. I hope they keep the free “push” emails, etc. Also I love the design of the sidekick. That keyboard is amazing. If they can push out a Windows Mobile device that doesnt crash on me when I do more than one app at a time, I think I might be interested. An app service like Apple and Android would be nice too, but I wont be holding my breath on that.

  3. debra Says:

    So that means nomore sidekicks then so is the 09 the last one

  4. Gangis Says:

    I’ve already jumped ship for an iPhone 3GS and am trying to sell my LX 09. I’m sorry but I just can’t see any good come out of this. I’ve used many Windows Mobile-based products and have been very disappointed with all of them.

  5. toine Says:

    They better keep the sidekicks! I hate windows mobile phones and im sure a lot of people feel the same way they can continue with their project pink but still keep the sidekick alive w/o windows mobile in it keep the danger interface! If they change it in anyway I promise you it will be the death of sidekicks. And tmobile is going to lose a lot of customers! And I do mean A LOT! And I know micrsoft knows that so I know they are smarter than the average bear and know not to mess with the sidekick brand or design. Since its one of the most successfull phones tmobile had to offer and has been for years. Hopefully they think about this and don’t screw or re-arrange anything that has to do with the sidekick. I switched to the iphone for two months and went straight back to sidekicks. I’ve been using sidekicks sine 2005. I do believe its one of the most successful phones ever even though they are behind abit on technology to me that’s a good thing because they are not rushing things because they know what sidekick customers want and if they try 2 keep up with other phones they will fail so they’ve done a great job taking their time. That’s my 2 cents

  6. jords Says:

    They better keep making them Sidekicks. no other phone no matter how similar will take the Sidekick’s place. unless it had a trackball, a swivelling screen and a full qwerty keyboard, i doubt ill get it.

  7. Tico From NYCs Says:

    Ok I dont think microsoft spend that much money to not use what they bought.
    I think its possible that they might

    1. make another sidekick that runs windows mobile and has the sidekicks core fetures such as a swivel screen, qwerty keyboard, INstant mesangers, and the whole over the network customer storage. Like how danger kept all user info on there servers and the phone runs off that. that I think they will do

    2. they will come out with another phone to go along with the sidekick and it will have similarities to the sidekick and aimed towards adifferent audience. Thats the only way I think they will make an impact on the market, the phone market.

    thats what I think might happen.
    aside from all of this personally I dont mind if the phone ran windows mobile. That means it will be more compatible with other hardware on the market. Windows mobile or something similar to it, also means that it will have better software to run. who wouldent want Internet explorer on there phone.
    like apple has been doing with safari on mobile.
    Data over there server is SOmething that must be included as well as the swivle screen and the qwerty keyboard. If it has all these key features Its a must buy. A more powerful phone
    will be apreciated.

    A new microFone will be a MUST buy as long as they keep the key features of Sidekicks and improve there windows mobile. Also add some danger into their OS. I think they will make an impact.

  8. Bebe Says:

    Ive been trying to find out things from here and there.
    So far no plans for WinMo on the Kick..

    The modem app is being worked on as of right now.
    i711 is being worked on for the deaf and hard of hearing like me and others..

    Also Flash 10 will be available by October cos we run on Qualcomm OS.Most smartphones except for the iPhones for the time being.

    Im also thinking giving my kick to my niece cos she needs a new one..Cant help it shes no baby no more but shes my baby,lol..

    Im looking into the My Touch 3G cos Ive got involved working promo for Rnb singer Teena Marie.Now besides her Im getting involved with others in music and so on.Gotta do work on Twitter,radio stations and more..

    Doesnt me I wont keep up with the Kick for news and so on..

    Take care..

  9. Theicool Says:

    Nope, if it has windows it wont be a sidekick.

  10. Jonny Says:

    Hey if they can pull this off and make a sidekick with the raw powering like the phone that are out now, then why the hell not?

    Lets see what they can pull together and hope they don’t mess it up.

  11. recognizedakick Says:

    uh….maybe?? I dunno. This last LX was a total let down and I’m still not too happy that I bought it, however I’m still using it. So if this new sidekick wannabe will be like the sidekick but better with a whole lot less bugs in it then I say id check it out. However, we all saw how talk is cheap with this last one that came out so I’m still not sure Id be convinced. So if this new phone will continue to malfunction and NOT have threaded texts then I’m not really being sold.

    I’m just sayin~ =D

  12. allen mac Says:

    I feel what all you guys are saying. But, what I think microsoft is planning on doing is…

    1) keeping a similar hardware interface but expanding on the features. The HD oled screen on the new Zune, Better processor, capacitive Touchscreen, wifi, dual cameras for video conferencing….higher megapixel with hd recording at least 3 times optical zoom 10 times digital, same keyboard, swivel mechanism. Better external speakers. Maybe a touch trackpad like on a laptop. Internal AND external memory. Accelerometer, compass….some type of dual battery setup. I DON’T CARE ABOUT THINNESS…I LOVE FUNCTIONALITY…bluetooth and fm radio and fm transmitter. 3.5mm headset jack…component video out!…and maybe something cool to rival apple…instead of “slide to unlock maybe you use your thumbprint to unlock…cool feature and doubles as security.

    2) keeping similar software. It will be running a CUSTOM winmo7 ui. So this ui will probably be something similar to dangers os with enhanced features and hopefully better usability…Remote phone desktop management like on the tmobile website would provide added security if device is lost and a backup. social networking app suites with 3g push and media uploads…customer information still on serverside integrated with some type of cloud service (pics, music, outlook) similar to mobileme…true gps with voice turn by turn…full html email with imap and pop3…full exchange support. File management on the device…voice dial and custom voice commands…internet explorer with flash, ms office suite…applications from appstore…also MS is no dummy. they have the perfect targeted demographic to make an “iphone killer”. I am certain that they will include the Zune software on the phone and the zune store/app store. This all sounds promising to me…just hope that it will work on tmobile and not just verizon!

  13. alexxx Says:

    catper712 on July 10, 2009 at 3:01 pm said:

    Hmm sounds interesting. I hope they keep the free “push” emails, etc. Also I love the design of the sidekick. That keyboard is amazing. If they can push out a Windows Mobile device that doesnt crash on me when I do more than one app at a time, I think I might be interested. An app service like Apple and Android would be nice too, but I wont be holding my breath on that.

    how much yu want for that 09

  14. ron Says:

    I currently have the 8900 😐 waiting for the next sidekick. but i would just stick to my blackberry if sidekicks have windows mobile. i miss my old sidekick:|

  15. Parkley Says:

    as many other people are saying “this will be death for the sidekick” im 100% cause of how shoty microsoft is the sidekick is gonna be extict, im in australia and because of microsoft we are not getting the sidekick/hiptop lx 09 cause microsoft is asking for more cause in australia we have a 50 dollar plan and we get unlimited everything accept buying and calling people and cause the plan is so cheap with all the features of it microsoft is asking for more so telstra as nice as they are said there not raising the plan’s price but the bad side now in australia the hiptop is on the brink of ectiction.
    If you havent been told by telstra you should read this next part.
    the hiptop will no longer be sold after october so anyone that wants one you need to get one ASAP. but for people that already have a hiptop you can renew the plan for as long as you like and also u might not want to break them because after october they wont be repairing or replacing hiptops so thats bad news.

    I SAY.
    i cant believe im gonna say this, as much as i love my hiptop i must say this.
    People you might want to swap to a blackberry or Iphone and the new features on the Iphone are pretty good so thats my next phone im gonna have. but if there is gonna be somthing with a full qwerty keypad in telstra and have basicly unlimited everything im gonna get that.

  16. bne Says:


  17. Andy, Inc Says:

    Honestly a touchscreen would be pretty sweet. The T-Mobile G1 had a touchscreen and keyboard, but was too fat and a long while back I read that Sharp has the thinnest touchscreen technology so why not incorperate that and the 5 megapixel camera and we would have a pretty damn good phone on our hands. OS is still great as it always has been. Video quality could be better for recording and offer more varriety of supported formats for playback. And just for looks, have Kat Von D design a limited edition 😉 you know I love her :]

  18. ICON Says:

    I guess I’ll chime in on some topics here:

    – I have to agree with some thoughts on here in that I’d be willing to give WinMo a chance (having never used it) with the Danger interface. I don’t know exactly what’s so frustrating about WinMo, so if anyone wants to enlighten me, I’d appreciate it.

    – Before the LX 09 came out, I said they should hold off and throw a 5mp camera in it. According to some article somewhere, Sharp was mass producting a 5mp cell phone size camera this summer. I would have gladly waited til summer for the LX with a camera like that, especially since most of the phones coming out that the Sidekick may or may not be trying to compete with have a 3.2mp at best. I think 5mp would have attracted more people to our beloved Sidekick…

    – I’m sorry, but I’ll never see the appeal of touchscreen phones. Over on there is a video posted of some site’s quick overview of the MyTouch, and the guy mentions how it was a little unresponsive at one point. Which is common with touchscreens, so why all the hype? So you can take 20 mins to type out a text message? No thanks…

    – However, to slightly contradict myself, as recently mentioned, a touchscreen and keyboard could be sweet. The one phone I have highly considered (but won’t buy because I just bought the LX 09 in May) has a touchscreen and full qwerty keyboard (plus a screen that is .4 inches bigger w/ the same resolution I believe). But seeing as I’ve been with the SK since the 2, I’m comfy with the OS and love the data back-up we get, so as tempting as that other phone is, I’m stickin with the Kick.

    That’s enough outta me for now…

  19. lozo401 Says:

    first of all…allen mac…your #1 just described a phone that would have to be huge to have all those attributes….just buy a tablet

    i think microsoft should do one of two things

    1. they will massively screw up the sidekick with winmo….the sidekicks OS is so easy to use, you can switch apps without losing dad got the g1 and he loves it but when it comes down to AIM it sucks compared to the sidekick and his internet and media is harder to get to then hitting the jump shortcuts on the sidekicks. he complains about battery life all the time and my lx09 lasts all day no problem…

    2. they create a brother to the sidekick that runs on winmo but has more microsoft-ish characteristics. the Wing was one of the first touchscreen/ keyboard phones and it ran on winmo and i dont seem to remember hearing positive things about it..but with the sidekicks physical features they could create a new “sidekick” line of phones that use winmo and cater to the age group higher then that of the sidekicks(like 13-18?)

    do you think its possible they would create a danger OS sidekick line AND a Winmo sidekick line? because i dont want them screwing with the current sidekick.. i love my lx09 except for the keyboard buttons being harder to press…the camera and video is great, youtube is great, and i rarely use my laptop because i got facebook myspace and twitter right on my phone now..the only changes id make to sidekicks are…..of course the 5mp camera that should have already been in it…no gps(i have a garmin already)…add Wifi…re-think the keyboard keys(i like the slides and the original lx’s better) and take away the function that turns the phone off when you hold the power button down because i accidently turn my phone off sometimes when holding the phone cause i dont know im holding the button down til it turns off..

    for everyone that says sidekicks need a touchscreen i think youre wrong..yes it would be cool but its unnecessary when sidekicks have the jump shortcuts and it would drain battery power like the g1..when i got my lx09 the kid behind bought the last lx09 because he didnt like the g1’s AIM or battery…my sister and mother had the behold and it took them forever to type and get to numbers on the address book..when i want a number i hit jump A then type the pointing, no scrolling, no accidentally clicking instead of scrolling..

    i think people get too crazy when wanting a phone..they want it to do everything. you cant have everything. my sidekick calls, texts, IM’s, emails, uses myspace facebook and twitter, and uses the internet on 3G…what more do you really need? if you need a 16gb harddrive like the iphone the lx09 supports 16gb sdhc and its removable! if you need different emails the lx09 supports tmail,aim mail, hotmail, yahoo mail, and pop accounts like cox…what do you really need when you have all of that?

    haha kinda wrote a novel huh?

  20. Adam Says:

    jords on July 10, 2009 at 7:13 pm said:

    They better keep making them Sidekicks. no other phone no matter how similar will take the Sidekick’s place. unless it had a trackball, a swivelling screen and a full qwerty keyboard, i doubt ill get it.

    Honestly, who needs a swivel screen?
    Also, i think they are aiming for a more mature audience, its all about the money guys. You think 30+ year old business men buy sidekicks? nope, they buy blackberries and windows mobile phones.
    I honestly think nothing bad can actually come out of this, i believe better stuff could come out of having a “sidekick” with windows mobile.
    The biggest downside about the sidekick is that its too closed source.

    Eh, thats my though.

  21. Chris Says:

    I just bought my G1. Im getting rid of my sidekick. Goodbye sidekick community! i will miss you guys:(

    On another note, yet similar to what is going on here, i really think that microsoft is going to incorporate windows into the next “sidekick” but it really going to be a sidekick. its going to be aimed to get people away from the sidekick and accustomed to other windows phones.

  22. alexxx Says:

    Gangis on July 10, 2009 at 5:01 pm said:

    I’ve already jumped ship for an iPhone 3GS and am trying to sell my LX 09. I’m sorry but I just can’t see any good come out of this. I’ve used many Windows Mobile-based products and have been very disappointed with all of them.

    email me at for a price on it

  23. ScratchC Says:

    So If People Pay Attention…They Would Notice A Couple Things…

    1. To My Knowledge, Microsoft Aquired The Danger OS To Incorporate It Into The Zune And To Offer A Danger Like Interface To Other WinMo Devices (Hence >More< Sidekick Like Phones

    2. If Another Sidekick Device Rolls Out It Would Run On With WinMo 7 As Core…Keeping Still The Danger OS…Just Being More Open To Other Possibilities

    3. This Would Mean That The Sidekick Won’t Be As Behind In The Technology Wars (Remember We Are Talkin About Software Here, Not Hardware.)Because Microsoft Doesn’t Make The Phones, You Can’t Blame Them For Failures Like…(Wing, i930, Dash..Which Was Nice But Very Sluggish) The Manufactures Are At Fault Here, Microsoft Only Provides An OS To Work Off Of.

    4. If You’ve Ever Used WinMo (Unbiased) You Would Love The Features On Better And Faster Devices WinMo Is Semi Impressive. So If You Take Everything It Offers And Fuse It With A More Reliable, User-Friendly OS (Danger) I Can See A lot Of Good Happening Since WinMo Would Only Be Expanding The Features The Sidekick Already Offers.

    5. Also There Is A Remote Possibility Of Improvement In The App Department Including The Gaming Side Of Things, Microsoft Always Talks About Their Products Being Able To Interact…Think Windows+Xbox360+Zune…If They Got Their Heads Screwed On Right There’s A lot Of Room For Good

    I’m Not Jumping Ship Yet
    Other Phones Can’t Multitask Like The Sidekick, Or Have The User-Friendly Interface They Now Only Need To Expand On What They Have, Since The Sidekick Line Offers Very Limited Content Compared To Other Phones, In A Time Where People Expect So Much From CellPhones Specially With The iPhone, Android & Blackberry Hype, Its The Time To Give Danger Lovers Abit More Freedom When It Comes To Features, Give It Wings, Let It Fly Freely, If WinMo Screws Up It Will Crash And Burn, If That Happens…You Buy A New Cell Phone (Yes I Said It) Quite Frankly Nothing Lasts Forever.
    Just My Thoughts…

  24. alex Says:

    if it had the look of the sidekick lx 09 with the keyboard and everything exact and it had a touch screen i would probably use it

  25. Anonymous Says:

    its a windows 7 sidekickish phone

  26. justin Says:

    If anyone is thinking about getting another phone , you should go with the g1 , iphone or the palm pre. I just got my palm pre and its amazing. I love my sidekick and always will but i will not go back to it unless a new one comes out with all the technology other smart phones include.

  27. Adam Says:

    I hate windows mobile with a passion and if they put that on the sidekick it will be the death of the sidekick.

  28. PetitionWindowsMobile Says:

    R.I.P. Sidekick

    of course it would be microsoft that ruins everything.

    why can’t they just leave shit alone >:[

  29. jaquan Says:

    I love sidekick they need to keep up the good work but they need to make a sidekick 4 don’t stop at 3 and don’t say sidekick id is the 4th one because it is wakk so they need to put that into action and I also like the old lx better even though the new one is a kind of cute . =-)

  30. boom Says:

    I have had 2 sidekicks so far 3 n 08 I liked both… but with windows and the new look I won’t b getting the next 1 if they go on with there plan… sidekick are coo I only got the ones I have 4 there apps n the look yea they can get upgrades what fon doesn’t ! But from the bac picture no way n this life time there going to have any1 with that sidekick I think sidekick and danger has cam a long way with sidekick I really hope that they won’t mess it up

  31. Carlos Says:

    Id rather keep my SK LX 09 cuz of my $20 sk plan from my 2007 SKID and besides microsoft shoulda never messed wit the sidekicks in 1st durin the data outage I read that microsoft was losin its rep wit sidekick users

  32. shira Says:

    well like so how can i buy one two hundreed dollars

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