Sidekick LX vs Sidekick Slide

Sidekick LX vs Sidekick Slide

Still haven’t taken the plunge and bought one of the new Sidekicks? Still not sure which one is the right one for you? Silently cursing Danger for being so on top of things that they released two new devices at once? (It’s certainly cost us some sleep trying to keep up) Well BGR might be able to help. They’ve got a quick comparison of the Sidekick LX and the Sidekick Slide. If you want the nitty gritty details, check out the article.

Their ultimate conclusion:
“If you’re a hardcore Sidekick user you’ll want to grab the LX. The keyboard and screen alone make this a win. The Sidekick Slide isn’t really beneath the LX on the totem pole, so if you want an awesome phone, but love the Danger OS all in a small device, you will definitely want to pickup the Slide.”

We basically agree. If you’re a hardcore Sidekick user, the screen on the LX will blow you away, along with keeping all the good stuff of the Sidekick 3 but squeezing it into a sexier body. If you’re looking for something small that will fit in your pocket better and don’t send a bajillion emails/im/txts/etc a day, then the Slide is cheaper, smaller, and probably more your style.

via BGR
image source via Appletech

15 Responses to “Sidekick LX vs Sidekick Slide”

  1. Melissa Says:

    i saw the slide yesterday and i must say its not as ugly as it looks on the computer. its kinda cute actually. but the screen is TINY, but definitely a better quality than the sk3. i’ll stick with my LX tho

  2. karen Says:

    For a hundred dollars less, I can tell how people will be attracted to the Slide.
    LX for me though!

  3. GreekPharoah Says:

    Not to get off topic, but, has anyone else gotten the OTA? I did about an hour ago. Its for the “email refresh” we learned about a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff.

  4. Ryan Yo Says:

    GreekPharoah on November 8, 2007 at 10:52 pm said:

    Not to get off topic, but, has anyone else gotten the OTA? I did about an hour ago. Its for the “email refresh” we learned about a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff.

    I want mine!

  5. 0mgbryce Says:

    The slide is so easy to text on I love it and I love the sliding screen.

  6. sdk4fiend Says:

    How doi get ota on my lx??? Couldn any1 help??

  7. Ryan Yo Says:

    sdk4fiend on November 9, 2007 at 9:15 pm said:

    How doi get ota on my lx??? Couldn any1 help??

    It has to be sent to your phone, you can’t just get it and theres no telling when you’ll get it either. Me and my friend both had the SK3’s and got an update for it a month a part. I’m not sure how they roll the updates out.

  8. b-easy Says:

    All OTA’s are sent out randomly to a certain ammount of users at a time, to prevent network issues..

    If you have more questions or want to know more about Over The Air updates, then go to the forums… and sign up and post! There’s a lot of information on there, so just search around.

    As for the slide, I love the way it looks and slides.. but the keys are really close together.. Not to mention the screen is really small compared to a LX that I own. It’s all about personal preferences.. But both devices work and look great!

  9. sdk4fiend Says:


  10. andria Says:

    I defenitly rather the slide..not that the lx is bad but the slide is smaller and cutter…and that leather on the back of the lx looks lik a piece of shit. ..the screen on the lx is better nd they keyboard is more spaced out and easier 2 text but the appearence seems more better for boys in preference the blue sidesick slide is the best..for me!!

  11. real deal Says:

    the side kick lx is better than the slide i had the slide but it suck it was small and only cheap cus poor ppl buyit the lx is the shit it has betterinternetthan the cheapass slide hahahahahahah!!!!

  12. Come-On-People-Get-A-Brain Says:

    Well im not poor and i have the sideslide ur probally mad poor asss whip ur mad fuucking gay side beats lx anyday!

  13. m3tr1 Says:

    umm i have the slide and i think the LX is way better. but i was really surprise that the LX couldnt handle my texting and emailing and iming all at the same time. i do give the slide kudos for keeping up with me

  14. dayvon Says:

    Are you freaken crazy the slide is much better than the lx and I have the slide and I don’t care what any body thinks the slide beats the lx anyday and plus ever body known to man has a sidekick lx that’s why I prefer the slide

  15. dayvon Says:

    Unlike many people I like something different that’s why I bought the slide

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