Sidekick Slide Themes

You probably saw this one coming from a mile away right? Yep, there’s a site for your free Sidekick Slide Themes, just like the sites for your Sidekick 3 Themes and your Sidekick LX Themes. The web design skills still suck, but while the site may not be the prettiest, it’s still the most free way to customize your Sidekick with backgrounds, wallpapers, and hinge sounds. And everyone’s favorite theme artist, prash, has already dropped some themes so you can be ready to customize your Slide when it arrives.

2 Responses to “Sidekick Slide Themes”

  1. sarah-ashlee Says:

    Is there any other websites than where I can find free Hiptop/Sidekick Slide themes?

    Please email me as I won’t be back on this site.

  2. Christie Says:

    is this phone gunna work in australia? coz its american

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