Sidekick OTAs Rolling Out

Danger OTAs

Microsoft/Danger has started rolling out an OTA (Over-The-Air) update to all Sidekick users. This update will not make any changes to your device that you’ll be able to see. It’s intended to fix some behind the scenes stuff so that “all Catalog application data will now be more securely backed up in the Microsoft / Danger systems.” This is NOT the Sidekick LX 2009 OTA I posted about earlier, which I assume is on indefinite hold until everything gets sorted out. It’s assumed that this OTA is rolling out to all Sidekick devices. Let us know in the comments if you received the OTA, which device you’ve got, and when you got the update.

T-Mobile posted an update over on their forums and we’ve archived a copy over on since the forum updates aren’t permanent.

113 Responses to “Sidekick OTAs Rolling Out”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Oh and I have the orginal LX

  2. Crazyforkicks Says:

    kevin on November 4, 2009 at 3:35 pm said:

    @crazy for kicks do u still have your carbon and orchid and what are you selling yours for if u havent sold it already. oh and im still waiting for my update and i have the lx07

    I sold them quick on craigslist. Unfortunately the demand was low and sold the orchid for 200 and the carbon for 250.
    It wasn’t easy leaving after 7 years with the kick… I just did it and never looked back. It took me about 2 weeks 2 get used to the keyboard. And it takes about a month for the dictionary on the iPhone to learn how you type. Yeah that’s right, the iPhone learns your typing habits and helps you work around errors and grammar. Now I look back and laugh at how frustrated I was with the sidekick. I had an issue with the battery, so I bought 2 batteries from when I run out of juice i pop in a mophie juice pack and get another full charge. If you don’t want to leave tmobile , look on craigslist list for an unlocked iPhone . But your still gonna have to pay tmobile for a different data plan. The sidekick data plan only works on the sidekick, for those with prepaid… Improve your credit….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    sidekicks id

  4. DaveTheDeceiver Says:

    I have the original LX, and im from Detroit, Mi. I just received the update. I was hoping it would allow users without the 2009 to set your alerts and ringtones to whatever you want, but after reading the description above, i guess it was just something to help with the malfunctions. :/

    i want a 2009..


  5. josh Says:

    When is the download catalog gonna work again? (Sorry about it being off stopic but I gotta know) oh and I got my update around 5 today… sidekick lx 07

  6. jose Says:

    I got my update on halloween (oct. 31) at 11:03a.m.
    i have lx09 & i live in LYNWOOD,CA

  7. crazykick Says:

    i got mine about last week lol


  8. ncmacasl Says:

    ncmacasl on November 4, 2009 at 7:36 am said:

    ncmacasl on November 2, 2009 at 6:53 pm said:

    Wilson, NC – Wife got it this morning. LX-07. I still haven’t got mine yet!! (also LX-07)

    I *still* do not have my OTA! (also still dont have Catalog!!)

    FINALLY got it just a few minutes ago!!

  9. supremeflip650 Says:

    I got mine 2days ago 8am

    Daly City, Cali

  10. Mel Says:

    I got my OTA update about a week ago. Nothing changed on my phone.

    But than again I didn’t get the worse of the outage. I didn’t get no memory lost. I live in California and when everything happen my internet wasn’t working, my contacts didn’t dissapear but when I got a phone call or text message the contacts wouldn’t pop up and my phone or text message never rang.. It was like it was on silent mode. (Its all better now except for the Catilog which still doesn’t work) but those days were toture I was so pissed at the sidekicks.

  11. blaize Says:

    Soo can anyone tell me what the ota changes?

  12. jessica Says:

    i just got a brand new lx not the 09 a regular lx and i still havent gotten any OTA’s.. like my bestfriend has the same lx and she has the new aim feature video recorder or w/e and i havent receieved anything i got it idk like friday? from New Bedford,MASS. will i ever recieve a update? i had a sidekick 08 with the features so im missing them

  13. roman Says:

    Television to brainwash us all and Internet to eliminate any last resistance

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