Sidekick Sync Price Drop

Sidekick Sync

T-Mobile has dropped the price of Sidekick Sync down to $2.99 a month. If you already bought Sidekick Sync you should go into the Catalog and upgrade in order to get the lower monthly price.

What is Sidekick Sync?

Sidekick Sync provides secure access to your Exchange Active Sync (Outlook) e-mail. calendar events, corporate directory and contacts on your Sidekick LX 2009. Read, reply and forward your e-mail, and accept calendar invitations just as you would on your PC.

7 Responses to “Sidekick Sync Price Drop”



  2. 3Gguy Says:

    Does anybody actually use this?

  3. fugitiveALiEN Says:

    Close but no cigar… I’m STILL waiting on some kind of way to backup or synch my emails from 2003! =/

  4. eunice Says:

    Still not good enough for me.

  5. sk user Says:

    Having to pay a monthly fee to use a Microsoft-owned OS to sync your mail with a Microsoft email server is ridiculous.

  6. ncmacasl Says:

    It Should be free or a 1-time price for the download (like Intellisync is $10 1-time fee and is a device-independent purchase, so after my initiail $10 purchase with my Sidekick 2, I have never had to re-purchase it!! And I have downloaded it on my computers)

  7. JE Says:

    What are the differences between the independant Intellisync (1-time cost of $10) and Sidekick Sync (monthly 2.99 cost)?

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