T-Mobile’s Unlimited Voice Plan


Tmonews (and everyone else it seems) is reporting that T-Mobile’s Unlimited Loyalty Plan is going live around the country. In short, if you’ve been a customer in good standing (i.e. paying your bills) for over 22 months then you’re eligible to sign up for the $49.99 monthly plan that allows for unlimited voice calls. You can also add an additional line via the whole Family Plan stuff for just $39.99. While this may not be as useful for some of you Sidekickers, what with all the texting/IMing you do, it’ll probably help shave a few bucks off your bill for some of you!

8 Responses to “T-Mobile’s Unlimited Voice Plan”

  1. meems Says:

    Yes good plan for those that talk alot! But for me I text and aim more and also the people I talk to most have tmobile and i have the 49.99 500 anytime minutes with free n&w and m2m family plan with alot more stuff so im good..

  2. Michelle M. Says:

    That’s good you guys finally get the plan. While T-Mobile just got to Puerto Rico (previously SunCom, and before that it was AT&T), we’ve had that plan available for the last couple of years. It started with free nights & weekends back in 1999, then unlimited in network mobile to mobile, then calls anywhere in PR and finally decided for unlimited PR-USA around 2003. Prices were a bit steeper back then (around $99 for the unlimited plans), but now they have them for $40-50.

  3. ernani Says:

    they need to make a better plan for us sidekick users

  4. bunny22 Says:

    So when can we sign up for this? I just started a job and use my co-workers call me alot…I was just going to ask my boss to just give me a work cellphone but I don’t wanna carry around 2 phones.

  5. bunny22 Says:

    Nevermind I already signed up!!!!! Whooohooo!

  6. suttonb Says:

    This is a great plan for anyone currently paying $49.99+ with other bundled calling features (like My Favs, Mobile to Mobile, extended nights and weekends, etc, or frequent monthly overages).

    You can switch to this unlimited plan and keep your old $19.99 sidekick unlimited data/messaging plan as well with no change in contract..

    I was paying $49.99 for 1500 minutes. For the same price, I now get unlimited minutes and the My Favs app on my sidekick.

  7. PandaLoLzZ Says:

    Its acctually 39.99 each line D:

  8. kelly mendez Says:

    Finally t mobile is at least showing that they care for there costumers I don’t talk a lot but iam always in aim facebook my space all the places to meet all kinds of friends twitter to so thank you t mobile for not robbing us

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