Sidekick Slide Radio OTAu


Not too exciting, but everyone keeps emailing about it. If you haven’t gotten it yet, there’s a Sidekick Slide OTA update going out right now. It will update your Slide themes and change to a Tinkerbell theme. Just kidding, it’s just some radio updating. No new features or anything. The new radio firmware version is v0.4.2.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

21 Responses to “Sidekick Slide Radio OTAu”

  1. meme Says:

    Sidekick Slide was a waste of energy. Literally. No more!

  2. 718heightz Says:

    radio huh, tell me again who listens to the radio?

  3. wow yes a slidekick user Says:

    Yea cause that’s exactly what they mean right there, LMAO

    So much hate for the slide here, lol. I got mine for $50 at the start of 08. I had a sk1 and sk2 and I left when my sk2 finally died, I didn’t like the sk3 at all.
    Came back with the slide, its a good device IMO.
    But all the eHaters have to have somethin to complain about.

    *and yes I made this reply on my slide! Gasp!*

  4. Anonymous Says:

    yo its rly not dat badd..lik i was pissed wen my sidekick 3 broke cuz the screen lik swiveled off..but imma prolly get the blade soon.. but still got luv 4 da slide and da otha sk’s

  5. anonymous Says:

    i hatttttttttttttttttedddd my slided its turn off nd doo all kindsss off crazyyy shitt

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The sidekick slide update is just an sign that there is going to be a new sidekick coming out so danger wanted the sidekick slide to get an update to the 3g network that is the only thing that the update does.

  7. tim Says:

    damn. and i was all excited. i was trippin literally. i was so excited i smashed my finger on my desk when i ran to my chair to look this up, and find out it was nothing. waste of my time. and pain.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    There CANNOT be an OTA update to miraculously make a phone 3g. Jeez, if it were that easy….

  9. *SoPriceless* Says:

    Well I thought that it was gon be some sweet stuff on here when the update accured…….I was mad……lmao I felt so dumb lookin fo sum new things on diz D*M* fone…….huh I caint wait till I gt a knew fone……

  10. asdfjkl Says:

    how do you even use the 4.0 radio thing? i updated it and like nothing has happened . everything looks the same

  11. ThatSoup Says:


    Its not something new that you can see, the firmware that was upgraded is a program that tells the chip that controls the radio(the data and voice transmitting/receiving one, not one that is in a car) what to do. It could have been to fix a minor bug or to make things work with greater efficency.

  12. LaLa Says:

    i read on the t-mobile forums that the update for the slide enables a2dp on it does anyone know if this is true or not?

  13. Mike M. Says:

    LMAO this guy actually thought it was a real radio instead of a firmware update hahahaha what an idiot xD

  14. Kayaaaa Says:

    How do you get this cause tbh I’m getting fed up of my slide. It randomly turns off and erases everything >< And I was told i need a update.

  15. ~Monae gurl~ Says:

    I love da sk at times but it always cut off and frezze on me

  16. CookieMonsturr. Says:

    This is so excitinq ! [=
    I hope its qood.
    I need some advice thouqhh ..
    My birthday is on April 17 & i REALLY want a new phone … REALLY.
    But idk if I should just qet the ’08 … or wait for the ’09 or get the Blackberry Curve 8900 !
    What should I do ?!

  17. sksucks Says:

    Omg this thing pisses me off I mean the idea of it is cool as shit its a wonderful idea you know but they put it togeather and there so many bugs I mean this whole shutting off randomly shit that didn’t start untill after the latest update (4.0 radio firmware) wich is shit cuz my phone has been a (p.o.s) ever since the 4.0 update but yeah oh well really thinking bout getting a new phone jus need the money cuz I love this phone omg I love it but its got so many problems I can’t stand it any more

  18. flying lotus Says:

    I think the sk slide is a decent phone. But like everyone else, mine randomly resets and brings back all my old texts and contacts that are from over a year ago. This 4.0 radio firmware update is useless, and did nothing positive for my phone. Time to look to better phones.

  19. WATCH ME GET HIM Says:

    so uh… how du dey use dis update bullshit?

  20. J-Smokez Says:

    I think that what the tmobile compony is trying to do is mess up each and everyone of the slides, because I know that when ever you buy an 08 or 09 the compeny gets money right? So what their trying to do is get rid of the slide so people can buy the 08 or 09, because even I know it if I was selling a slide I couldn’t get more than 80$ for it so come on this bull shit has to stop!

  21. Mijay Padilla Says:

    Well How do you update it?

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