TeleNav GPS Application for the Sidekick

TeleNav GPS Navigator

You’ve probably already noticed this if you’ve been in the Download Catalog lately, but there’s a new GPS app out there in addition to Microsoft Live Bing. Everyone is always clamoring for turn-by-turn navigation on their devices so they can use them while they drive. TeleNav delivered a solution for the Sidekick LX 2009 in the form of “TeleNav GPS Navigator”. For $9.99 a month you’ll get “voice-guided and onscreen turn-by-turn driving directions”, automatic re-routing, 3D maps, traffic alerts, business information, weather, and even speech recognition so you don’t have to type while driving! Most of the time when I see an application with a recurring fee, I’m instantly turned off by it. But if I was driving regularly, I imagine this app would be incredibly useful! If you’re using this app, let us know how it is in the comments.

Here are some screenshots from the catalog:

TeleNav GPS NavigatorTeleNav GPS Navigator

Official announcement

19 Responses to “TeleNav GPS Application for the Sidekick”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I’ve been using this app and love it, for the most part. It’s a little slow in loading the directions, but, given it’s a phone and not an actual GPS, I hardly can complain. And, to be honest, it’s really not a frustrating ‘slow’.

    The application allows you to get directions to and from a location, search for places of interest, check maps and traffic, and lets you check the weather. Almost negates having the ‘Weather Underground’ application. As stated in this post, you can even use your shoulder buttons to speak your destination, which is a fantastic option for me, because typing while driving just became illegal in Tennessee. The only downside that has been a source of frustration for me has been that I can’t copy and paste an address I found in the ‘search’ tab into the ‘drive to’ tab for directions. BUT this may also be an oversight on my part…I may be missing that option. The traffic tab is a little hard to understand, but I have yet to use it in any major traffic situations.

    Oh, and I can’t seem to control the volume of the voice giving me directions. I have an old car, and road noise tends to muffle the gps voice. I end up having to hold the phone to my ear while driving, just to hear the instructions. But, again, this may just be an oversight on my part.

    Overall, I really like this application. It is better than I expected, admittedly, and has definitely proved its handiness several times since I downloaded it. I definitely recommend it. It’s worth the 10 bucks a month if you drive to places you don’t know well, often.

  2. J-Rod Says:

    Is this available on the regular sidekick LX as well?

  3. dp Says:

    No the regular sidekick lx doesn’t have gps so the app would not work

  4. DarK Says:

    its still rip off :]

    GPS devices offered FREE, no fees/monthly

  5. Cloke Says:

    Wow this is a joke, I knew they’d charge for a turn by turn app but $10 a month!? What a joke. You can pick up a GPS system for under $100… You have this for a year and you’ve already spent $120. Couple it with the unreliable GPS on the phone (today I was in downtown Chicago and pinpointed my location, and had Bing show me that I WAS IN LAKE MICHIGAN)


    Travel or drive somewhere..
    Cannot hear as deaf

  7. white woman in trouble Says:

    I love it!

  8. Jaderes Says:

    GPS should be once payment as the store sold for from $78.00 to $299.00 and there had no monthly fee and it should be same to sidekick lx. If they payment more than they use GPS for couple years it will high cost than 120.00 for a year if they use more aloke 3 yrs it will be 360.00 it too high thanks

  9. jackie Says:

    The cost is way to high. A once a yr fee of 25.00 seems more reasonable. This is not good customer relation. A sad decision by mgf if they want return business.

  10. luverboy90 Says:

    Wat da hell happened to jus goin on mapquest n gettin directions? R we that lazy we can’t jus find the place on our own?

  11. Nono!!! Says:

    GPS is supposed to be free.. Blackberry and many other pagers have it for free.. This is totally TURN OFF!!!! STUPID T-MOBILE!

  12. tho Says:

    9.99 a months ? are you kidding , people should get the real GPS rather than this apps

  13. Jonathan Says:

    10 bucks a month, you gotta be kiddin me that’s a waste of money when I could go to a store and buy a real navigation sytem for $200 or so and have it foreva with out havin to pay monthly. T-Mobile MAKE IT A 1 TIME FEE!!!!!

  14. jrat Says:

    What? Is this a joke ? $9.99 sounded like t-mobile are money madness hungry at the same time ripping off. This isn’t good. It should be free. Sidekick is being an insulted while blackberry are totally free & many other phones. WHAT’S WRONG WITH FREE but if ur money madness then at least make it “1 time fee”

  15. Tiffany Says:

    Look, I got the app, had it for a couple months, if that, and it never once worked. Never once! I asked questions, submitted complaints; I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I live in the Twin Cities, so I tried in the city, outside the city, in the suburbs, out of town, in Wisconsin… Nothing. Free Bing works for me more than TeleNav for $10/mo. What a rip off. I want my money back. Not worth it.

  16. Cristina Says:

    I think it should be a one time fee this sidekicks don’t even work properly

  17. SLIMMPUSHA Says:

    luverboy90 on September 19, 2009 at 11:55 am said:

    Wat da hell happened to jus goin on mapquest n gettin directions? R we that lazy we can’t jus find the place on our own?

    That was the dumbest thing you could have ever said…if anything is unreliable is mapquest..its takes you way out the way! this is 2010 who cares about MapQuest and its fucked up directions.

  18. Taka Says:

    Wow, what the people on this page are failing to realize is that the $10 fee is because your gps maps are always being updated, always have weather updates and traffic updates, sure a gps in the stores are ok, until you are driving around on 2 year old maps, and if it gets really bad out the store bought gps device loses connection, and sometimes never gets it back, so it just shows you sitting in place, while cellphones seldomly lose conection, so $10 a month isn’t that bad for a subcription to a updated service IMO =)

  19. tamika gatson Says:

    hello my name is tamika gatson i am deaf i want real sidekick2009xl pls send me 120 county rd 26 hayneville al 36040

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