German Sidekicks Going Away?

In some very sad news, it looks like T-Mobile Germany may actually be bringing down the axe on the Sidekick. There is a post over on that gives some cause for concern. What, you can’t read German? Here is the content of the article, translated via Google:

T-Mobile announces Sidekick services on 31 December
The reason is termination of service by American producer Danger

T-Mobile announces the remaining value of a current Sidekick, the Sidekick service as well as the Sidekick Data option on 31 December this year. This confirmed a spokesman for the company over The reason for the termination of the options is to set the Sidekick service by the American producer Danger. The smartphone of the Californian company, originally under the name Hiptop become known in Germany and were initially exclusive to E-Plus markets. Later, T-Mobile devices on the German market. The mobile telecoms subsidiary called smartphones, but – as in the U.S. – Sidekick.

Termination option, but not termination

As the T-Mobile Press Office notifies the service center Danger for the whole of Europe on 31 December, so that any user of the device – no matter under what name – which is affected. In the U.S. offer Danger’s service, however, continue to converge, as there are also more recent Sidekick devices are sold and they are enjoying great popularity. From the termination had several thousand T-Mobile customers affected, the spokesman Dirk Wende.
The affected customers are in the tariff options, but not the whole contract being terminated. As it says in the letter: “Your T-Mobile contract shall remain unaffected and continue to exist.” Turning points, however, if the customer is at the T-Mobile hotline turn, will be a “solution together with the customer” can be found. Here you will also offers customers to switch to current equipment and fares subject. Wool partout but the customer terminate the contract, there will be also a possibility, since each Hotliner a “some leeway”, so the T-Mobile spokesman.

It’s a bit difficult to read, but it looks like Germany is losing the Sidekick, but that it will continue on in the United States: “In the U.S. offer Danger’s service, however, continue to converge, as there are also more recent Sidekick devices are sold and they are enjoying great popularity.” Unfortunately the only English article we can find on this says “A company spokesperson attributed the move to the Sidekick service being terminated by Sidekick manufacturer Danger” and a similar statement is given in the sub-headline of the German article. Hopefully this is just a translation mistake and they intend it to mean that Danger is terminating the German service and not across the board for all Sidekicks. Regardless, it’s a sad day for all the German Sidekick/Hiptop users.

Thanks Mike!

4 Responses to “German Sidekicks Going Away?”

  1. BKJOE Says:


    And I hope this happens to the U.S. aswell, why? because the sidekick sucks and its OS outdated, now make a new sidekick with android or webOS now we’re talking!

    Btw, Palm Pre is now the new king of multitasking!

  2. BigFish13 Says:

    i agree with BKJOE. i really hope that unless they decide to make a touch screen android based sidekick, that they shouldn’t make another. I hate my 08 now, and im holding out on the 09 because its going to be more of the same. Crappy apps that are outrageously priced for what they are compared to the G1 or the MyTouch 3G. It wouldnt be so bad if we had some real apps that we could get for free. My brother and dad both have G1’s, and ive seen all the free apps. Not only that but both the hardware and software suck. The phones slow. Its way too crashy. I have no idea if its the OS or the hardware, but either way it feels like they released it prematurly. But whatever, im stuck with my sidekick until i can upgrade to a Touch Pro 2. A real phone

  3. The Germankid from Germany Says:

    This news is really sad for me, cause I brought a new Sidekick over here to Germany. πŸ™

    Here’s my own, more accurate translation:

    “T-Mobile cancels Sidekick-Service to December 31th
    The reason therefore is the termination of the service through the American manufacturer Danger (a.k.a. Microsoft – just my guess xD)

    T-Mobile currently/presently cancels remaining Sidekick users the Sidekick service as well as the Sidekick-Date-Option to December 31th this year. This confirmed a spokesman of the company over Reason for the cancelation of the options is the discontinuation of the Sidekick-Service through the American manufacturer Danger.
    The smartphone of the Californian company originally emerged under the name “Hiptop” and was merchandised at first exclusively by E-Plus (a German(?) phone-service company like AT&T & T-Mobile) in Germany. Afterwards/later T-Mobile also introduced these devices into the German market. However, the (Deutsche) Telekom “cellular phone network-daughter” (–> T-Mobile) named the smartphones – as well as in the U.S.A. (–> T-Mobile USA) – Sidekick.

    Option cancelation, but not contract cancelation

    As the T-Mobile-Press Office notifies, Danger knocks off/discontinues the service for whole Europe to December 31st, so that each user of the device – no matter under what name – is affected (by/from this action). In the U.S., however, Danger contiues to offer his service, as there are more recent Sidekick devices sold and those enjoy great popularity. (or better saying, didn’t T-Mobile USA force / threaten them to continue? Microsoft is trying to destroy/remove the sidekick from the whole market anywhere?)
    The cancelation had affected serveral thousand T-Mobile-customers, spokesman Dirk Wende.

    Indeed, the affected customers will be canceled the rate options, but not the whole contract. Thus one says in the writing: “Your T-Mobile contract remains untouched from this and further continues.” However, Wende (the spokesman) emphases, that if the customer turns to the T-Mobile hotline, one will find a “solution with the customer together”. Here, one will also present offers to change to current/latest devices (like the iPhone 3GS, exclusively by T-Mobile) and rates to the customers. Though, if the customer wants to (just/strict) part-out the contract, there will also be a possibility, because every caller/hotliner has a “certain scope of action”, according to the T-Mobil press agent.”

    –> I hope that helps to understand it more & better πŸ™‚

  4. The Germankid from Germany Says:

    Regardless, it’s a sad day for all the German Sidekick/Hiptop users.

    –> All the European not just German… πŸ™

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