TMobile MDA, will it grab the Sidekick market?

Sidekick Killer - Tmobile MDA

Is this the “Sidekick Killer” we hear about so often? TMobile is on track to release some new smart-phones this month. The MDA you see above looks like it’s about the same size as the Sidekick II, maybe a little shorter. There’s a good video over on CNet with an in-hands demo. Will you switch, or are you holding out for the Cat Remote? Or maybe those that are blinging will get both. I just want to know if anyone is going to be selling crystals for the new TMobile MDA!

Edit: Some features on the MDA include Windows Mobile 5.0, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera.

12 Responses to “TMobile MDA, will it grab the Sidekick market?”

  1. Luis Says:

    I think im gonna stay loyal to the hiptop and wait for the sidekick III…

  2. Bananachunks Says:

    My loyalty ended when I could no longer get a dev key. For as long as I’ve had my SKs, I’ve always said to myself (and anyone else within vicinity) that I don’t see how the production users could do it – if I didn’t have access to dev, I wouldn’t. Well, that’s what happened. And with the SKIII … one of the many rumors is that it will play MP3s and have storage such as an SD or miniSD … ? Big whoop. But I guess that that is what the demographic Danger’s catering to wants. When the SK first came out, I “upgraded” from the Treo 180 to the SK. Recently, I’ve re-upgraded back to the Treo. A 650. With video/movie watching, MP3s, RANGTONEZ of my choice, banking, bluetooth, laptop tethering, call/SMS blocking/actions, pushmail/IMAP/POP (for as many accounts as I choose), etc (this list can go on and on with the list of palm programs available), I’m finally happy with my Device again. All the while, Danger and [insert provider here] sit on their asses and choose what to allow the users to have.

    This year, there are going to be 4 new “Treo”s released. One has already been let out of the cage: Treo 700w. I’m waiting to see about the “Treo 700p” – if it is as rumored, then it is what I have already, plus some.

    Good luck on the Sidekick, and enjoy the MP3s… 🙂

  3. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Danger needs to get thier shi…stuff together, cause with like Bananachunks said they are falling behind, way behind. The hiptop OS and keyboard are some of the best for a mobile device, but what does it matter when the backend is flacking out and limited apps.

    While I am not quite sure what to think of Windows Mobile but Danger is leaving me with no choice but to look at other devices.

  4. R1vrRatt Says:

    I have been debating between sticking with my SKII or getting the Treo 650 for many months. I love the keyboard size on the SKII, but I really would like the option for BlueTooth, and betting syncing tools with my Mac (MissingSync isn’t all that good) . The Treo650 offers those things out of the box, but lacks a quality SSH client that I have on the SKII, plus the keyboard is much less user friendly from my experience.

    I’m not even looking at the Treo7xx series or anything on a Microsoft Platform, as I can almost guarantee I lose all my Mac compatability with these models. If Danger can come up with a SK device with bluetooth, I’ll be happy.. The addition of edge/wifi/whatever really doesn’t matter, but a quad band setup would be great so you can still use the net features without relying on GPRS networks..

    Eh, when it comes out, I’ll be the first on in line, just as I was with the SKII.

  5. alicia Says:

    Man, I’ve waited so long for the Sidekick III, and Danger is not gettin they’re shi together so im sorry but on my birthday i will be movin on to a T-mobile MDA… Danger is takin foreva…
    Oh well, I couldnt stay loyal.. im tired of lookin at the same device..LOL..

  6. Andy Says:

    So much potential just waiting to be had.

    The SKII is the most functional device I’ve owned… after a long search… I found (almost) the device I was looking for.

    Everything it HAS is perfect. It’s what it LACKS that will drive me away.

    I gave up my bluetooth… got a SKII… waited two years for Java… blah

    It’s just simply NOT cutting-edge anymore. It went from “what IS that thing?” to “Paris Hilton has one of those” to “I wanted one of those” to “Look! I got this phone for free… see what it can do? Can your sidekick do that? It can’t Really?”

  7. Goodman Says:

    My experience with Windows Mobile just hasn’t been that good. I don’t see myself jumping ship from the Hiptop OS.

  8. vikdahustla Says:

    Well well well…..the mda is here and I got it. My curiosity killed me and so did the $350 that I spent on it. It’s been 12 days and tommorrow I will be going back to tmobile and returning my mda and holding off for the sk3. The appearance really sold me with the mda but not the functions, the keyboard is one of the worst that I’ve experienced. I use aim and yahoo Im a lot and with the mda it’s just not as user friendly as the sk2. There are no custom functions for the mda Im as there are for sk2. I couldn’t keep my tmail email acct with the mda, there’s no drop down search engine on the mda. There’s no reminders for awaiting messages, and the list goes on and on. My suggestion……WAIT FOR THE SK3!!

  9. Ms. Kita Says:

    I just recently purchased the MDA (actually, bout 2. Family plan w/T-Mobile). Although we love the phones (we switched from SPRINT PCS), I am extremely curious about the Sidekick. I went into the store to buy a Sidekick2 for myself and was “convinced” to get the MDA. After reading all of the loyal & faithful comments regarding the SK3, I believe I will swith mine when the new one comes out. My husband HAS to have Bluetooth, so he will stay w/MDA. Thanks for making my reading enjoyable. It looks like I’ll be a faithful Sidekick customer just like all of you. This site is awesome!

  10. Jamarr Brightful Says:

    when will the sidekick 3 come out

  11. Jamarr Brightful Says:

    when will the sidekick 3 come out to the public

  12. orlando colucci Says:

    i hate the mda it is mad ugly i hate it it is mad ugly i want the sidekick3 NOW CUZ IM ALREADY PISSED

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