Tracking down a Sidekick thief through MySpace

Sidekick Theft MySpace
So you didn’t keep an eye out for a Sidekick thief while texting on the subway like we told you to and now your Sidekick is gone. After reporting it to T-Mobile and the proper authorities, what is one to do? Well, if you’re like NY teenager Yudelka Polanco you’ll start doing detective work. The great thing about the Sidekick is that you can still log in to your desktop interface and find out how the person that stole it is using it (as long as they didn’t pull the sim and login as a different user). Most thieves are dumb and will leave behind some clues. Yudelka was able to get ahold of her thief’s email address and through a search on MySpace pulled up his profile. Through some additional detective work online she was able to get some pictures an information on the guy and took that info to the police. The police were able to identify 16-year-old Victor Hernandez and busted him for the theft of the Sidekick Slide as well as a number of other charges. Way to go Yudelka!

via gothamist

One Response to “Tracking down a Sidekick thief through MySpace”

  1. cochelle Says:

    Well i live in new ken pa and someone was not a good person and took my sidekick slide. So i called it he hung up on me , next he called customer service, then he text a friend i called the friend he told me his first name that is all i was very nice and ask him to just have his friend give it back and i will not press charges, well any way i filed a police report and then the police got a court order to follow the use of the phone but he has not used it in 3 days i hope he does if not they have the friends number and will get my phone back, i would not take someone’s phone i am gald you got you phone back

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