Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Sidekick Disaster

Sidekick LX 2009 fail

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before lawsuits were filed over the Sidekick outage and data loss. As Microsoft/Danger still struggles to restore data and get things back up and stable, people are already filing lawsuits, “claiming negligence and false claims.”

A suit filed for a Bakersfield, CA man and “all others similarly situated” says that Danger failed to handle Sidekick user’s data and that they advertised in a misleading manner. He’s asking for monetary damages as well as the court to order Microsoft to fix the Sidekick service or offer a full refund. The attorney handling the case was quoted as saying: “We are hopeful that T-Mobile and the rest of the defendants will do the right thing, use this as an opportunity to redesign the system as a new standard for cloud computing storage, and provide full compensation for the data loss.”

Another class action law suit (PDF of filing) was filed for Maureen Thompson and again “all others similarly situated” against T-Mobile/Danger/Microsoft for the outage and loss of data. Same sort of thing.

And there’s yet another suit (PDF) filed by Oren Rosenthal against T-Mobile for the negligence, breach of contract, blah blah blah.

Should be interesting to see how these play out. If you hear of any others, let us know over on‘s Lawsuit forum.

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26 Responses to “Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Sidekick Disaster”

  1. Alan Says:

    Just got off the phone with T-mobile. 2 reps told me they now found a way to get all our data back and we can expect it to arrive over the air.

  2. John Settino Says:

    It was only a matter of time; kind of surprised that it was so soon. Then again, nah, not really. I still don’t have any contacts, and I’m about to pop my SIM in my G1.

    Sidekicks were cool until they became unreliable.

  3. Alan Says:

    Sidekick stomps g1 ass.


    How’d He Manage To Take A Pic Of That.?
    From My Experiences, That Screen Shows For About A Second, And ONLY A Second. So Really, How’d You Get A Pic Of That.? What Does It Say.?!

  5. Koloheboy Says:

    That screen shot, it happen to 3 of the SK’s I had, I am actually on my 6th replacement since the new SK came out.

  6. meme Says:

    I better receive all of my contacts back. I’m surprised that tmobile hasn’t quickly came outand told us that they have found a new way to retrieve out contacts (if what was said above was the truth).
    Long live the Sidekick! ..aka 1/3 of T-Mobile’s customer base!

  7. Andy Tavrez Says:


  8. BuzzFlightYear Says:

    Im going to file one too!We all should but I have an LX so ill settle for a 2009.If you call them and act ignorant enough they’ll probably give you one.

  9. Moe Says:

    Rest in peace Sidekicks, You will not be missed, Loving my new Blackberry 8900, Feel sorry for the lady who has a Tattoo of a sidekick lmao!

    Microsoft murdered the Sidekick……

  10. recognizedakick Says:

    Uh…lawsuits? Really? Looks like our data is about to magically appear and they’re gonna come out wit a “aw we were just kidding u guys” approach. This stuff is getting old. Quit playing w/my freakin sidekick! She aint do nuttin to nobody!

  11. Wicked1 Says:

    Well, I still don’t have my personal data back, and I have no problem getting in on a class action suit. Since a few have already been filed, and they added in “and others similarly effected” or whatever, all other sidekick users have to do is get in contact with the law offices doing the already filed class actions

  12. Bran Says:

    As mad as I am about all my data being lost, I don’t think that T-Mobile should get sued. I’m happy with the compensation they gave me (allowing me to have an upgrade to a different phone) and T-Mobile still does have the cheapest service out there. If they get sued, how are they gonna keep their low rates? We are all for the most part staying with T-Mobile and not switching over so I think a lawsuit is just gonna end up hurting us in the end.

  13. derald Says:

    how do i get in on a class action lawsuit

  14. Travis Says:

    I just want my freaking Emails to work! Geez!

  15. andy Says:

    honestly the more and more t-mobile keeps messing up the more and more Microsoft is gonna sell danger & the sidekick to 2 companies and we all know that att and or verizon might get the sidekick which the should because tmobile has been messed up for years now so might as well happen

  16. Rico Says:

    I don’t think they derserved 2 be sued.They gave ppl affected a free month of service which rarely happens.I’m gonna stick with the sidekick until its officialy over.I’ve had blackberrys n othr devices but the sidekick is better 2 me,even though it lacks some of the media/support other phones have.

  17. derald Says:

    A free month of service or 100 dollar gift card is hardly worth the 7 years worth of contacts I lost!! How much did you lose Rico?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    the sidekick is back…I know it

  19. Anonymous Says:

    On October 15, we released a communication on the T-Mobile Forums on behalf of Microsoft/Danger apologizing for the recent problems with the Sidekick service and to let Sidekick customers know that Microsoft/Danger has recovered most, if not all, customer data for Sidekick customers whose data was affected by the recent outage.

    For those Sidekick customers who experienced data loss, Microsoft/Danger will begin restoring customer’s personal data as soon as possible, starting with personal contacts once they have validated the data and restoration plan. T-Mobile will notify customers via text message once their contacts are ready. After contacts are restored, Microsoft/Danger will continue working around the clock to restore other data (i.e., calendar entries, notes, tasks, photographs, high scores) as quickly as possible.

    Sidekick customers should continue to visit the T-Mobile Sidekick Forums ( on a regular basis to access the latest updates on data restoration, as well as any steps they may need to take.

  20. derald Says:

    Somebody hook me up with a lawyer i’m down for the lawsuit i don’t think the sidekick will ever be what it was. I want my data back!!!!

  21. samantha juavon Says:

    Who do I contact to involved in the class action suit?

  22. rude107 Says:

    hot damn

  23. rude107 Says:

    ha haaa smh

  24. rude107 Says:

    an i still got this pace of shti sk09 lol usein it as a door stop….. cus i dont trust them

    an its funny how the bitkh hear Class Action Lawsuits an all of a sudden pow they found hr data hoe yu still goin 2 get sued an im putin my hancock on every one an mailin that shit off remeber he got that shti 4 500mill yu think he tryin 2 pay the small guys no.. they goin 2 pull the data out they azz 2 not pay out any type of $$$$$$$ he mr xp vista windows an on an on.. you get the point……. let take a stand i want this 2 make date line an 20%20 so we can see what happen from the start………… whos with me!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. stacie Says:

    Idk I think im w. U but I really couldn’t spend anymore time trying to figure out what on earth you just said. Haha

  26. lilone4u209 Says:

    Well mmm I have a question my sidekick 2008 keeps on freezing when I go to my address book its really dumb and annoying someone help text me or email me

    209 509 6001

    Thank u very much holla please I need help

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