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Another exclusive coming at you. A little birdy showed us some stuff that shows that T-Mobile is working on a site (probably you can create your own shells for your Sidekick. It looks like it’s going to be going to have a fancy flash interface where you can upload your own images to help customize your device. Links at this time indicate that the actual shells are going to be made by (It looks like this means the “shells” might be more like the “skins” we know and love already) In addition, reminiscent of some theme sites out there, you’ll be able to browse around and see what other people have created, and you can even vote on them. I can’t wait to see what sort of theme/shell combinations people come up with. Some screenshots of the site still in development below:

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9 Responses to “Create your own Sidekick Shells”

  1. newsboysrox Says:

    so would the customizable parts be skins? or would they be bumpers that would replace parts like on the original sidekick id? cause if its just skins then that would be like any old sidekick with a skin on it. :p

  2. gekko2 Says:

    FAQ:What’s the difference between a skin and a shell?

    Skins are an adhesive vinyl that you can apply to a device.

    Shells are actual parts, manufactured specifically for the Sidekick, and printed with the design and images you choose.

  3. xclusive_shawtyy Says:

    uhm is the sidekick shell usefull for any sidekick or is it just for some sidekicks?

  4. Armani Says:

    Just for SIdekick 2008

  5. jayjay Says:

    sidekick are to damn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oxxliliaox112 Says:

    Sidekickes are the coolest I think that they are better than any other cellphone yea I have the sidekick LX and the sidekick Gekko/08. The sidekicks are sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DatShawtyyivania Says:

    ii lOve my Sidekick 09 its just dat it is ode big but ii got use it 2 now dat ii use my siekick 08 im like wtff ii feel ode weird cuz’sz its so small the only thing ii don’t like bout the sidekick 09 is dat ii cnt buy shell’sz 4 it like my 08 but w|e lmfao

  8. jailah Says:

    sidekicksr the best phone ever everyone in the world should hav a sidekick

  9. asdf Says:

    why do they have veery low mp camera??????

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