Danger Zante?

What’s this? A new device? Aaron Landry uncovered some bits of information on Flickr that look like a new device (with camera) is in the works. If you look at the EXIF data it shows “Danger Zante”. Could this be the Sidekick X we’re hearing about? Click here to see what Aaron found. Last time we checked, there wasn’t a camera company named “Danger”.

UPDATE: Images have been pulled from Flickr. New device? new operating system build? a Sidekick iD with a camera attachment? who knows…

6 Responses to “Danger Zante?”

  1. s4xton Says:

    …and they STILL haven’t fixed the “My Comment” placeholder data that has been present since the SK3 trial… and still no geocoding in the EXIF?

  2. s4xton Says:

    Full list:


  3. kickbackcat Says:

    why didnt anyone think to save a picture of the pictures that were up?

  4. s4xton Says:

    I saved two of them.

  5. sorensilk Says:

    s4xton, did you delete your pictures too? They’re gone from your flickr account.

  6. sorensilk Says:

    Nevermind, I saw on your site that you removed them per Danger’s request.

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