Do You Care About Microsoft’s Pink Phones?

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60 Responses to “Do You Care About Microsoft’s Pink Phones?”

  1. Dick Cheney Says:


  2. J Says:

    iFukuRSisNurMom on March 15, 2010 at 7:18 am said:

    Man wtff is microsuck thinkin bout? Ever since i heard bout the sidekick extintion i wanted 2 take a flight n elimante all of em bitchasss 4 doin the fagg pink project shit no1 is gonna buy it unless u have Cancer!!!!!
    I started with sidekick1,2,3,id,lx,08,&’+ lx09 the best shit ever so microsuck kan sukc my hairy saggy ballz for doin da…….

    why would you go from the 3 to the ID? The ID was for the kids who were to poor to buy the real sidekick so they made a cheap ass one for kids to feel cool. Also why would you go from the LX to the 08? the 08 was the new ID. lmao your one of those idiots who buy the latest sidekick just because it new. I had the sk2,sk3, LX and LX09.

  3. sidekicks SUCK Says:

    ha. you guys make me sick. the sidekick has been dead for quite a while.. its called MOVING ON. go get a blackberry or something and stop complaining. Tmobile is doing a good thing by ending sidekick service, and why? because its old and no longer their focus point. tmobile use to make a killing on the sidekick brand. but after a few incidents, now its no longer their focus point and perhaps not marketable for them. now you guys actually have a reason to mature and get yourself a REAL smartphone, not a childish smartphone ( if you can even call it a smartphone) that only implemented minor upgrades inbetween models and priced at ridiculous prices. Now you guys can actually get a blackberry and see what the sidekick should have been. i had a sidekick 2, 3 and LX and then left for a blackberry. I never regretted it, blackberries can do what the sidekick can AND MORE oh boy much more. so stop complaining, grow up and get a blackberry and watch your world come to life

  4. DNA Says:


  5. sidekicks SUCK Says:

    hey DNA my blackberry is worth more than your mothers Vagina you one dumb fuck. how about you grow the fuck up and accept reality already you dumb mother fucker. grow out of that shitty childish shitkick and getyourself a real phone. that is if you can even afford one you broke ass bitch. take all the sidedicks out your mouth and then say something intelligent. at least you will HOPEFULLY have a change to keep your dignity you fucking TARD

  6. DNA Says:

    Its obvious sidekick SUCK your a gayy internet thug your one funny stupid motherfucker, your mom can suck a mean one tho. How bout you take the crackberry out your ass, and eat a DICKK. You must have been born on a highway cuz thats where most accidents happen.

  7. XxcFrEsHxX Says:

    Honestly I accept the sidekicks are dying…im just waiting on the 4g iphone that’s coming out this july…. oh yea…and blackberrys sukc dikc…I rather have a sidekick over a shitty ass gayberry….if ur not of fan of sidekicks get the fukc off hiptop 3 bxtch…

  8. DNA Says:

    XxcFrEsHxX I couldn’t agree with you more, why come on here and bash the kick, people just don’t see what the sidekick could have become in time, like the fans do.

  9. bulletinyochest Says:

    Awww you got big manly Blackberry, that’s a sign of little dick syndrome

  10. Alessandra Says:

    Microsoft says it’s time to share:

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