DWade Sidekick 3 is official

If anyone thought the Dwayne Wade Sidekick 3 might just be a rumor (not sure how), T-Mobile has confirmed officially the planned released of the D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3. The T-Mobile Sidekick 3, D-Wade Edition, will be available February 21 for $399, or for $299 with a two-year contract, $100 more than the normal SK 3. T-Mobile is also launching one of their largest ad campaigns, with one of the largest “billboards” on the side of the Mandalay Bay Hotel (a 39 story hotel) in Las Vegas.

And of course the normal billboards are also starting to popup:

And if that wasn’t enough marketing for you, there’s also a Flash ad on sidekick.com that lets you rotate the device and see it from any angle.

thanks to xLotuSx over at the hiptop.com forums for the pictures!

5 Responses to “DWade Sidekick 3 is official”

  1. brian Says:

    this was my first sidekick. then after that i had almost every1. the lx, the slide, the 08. but now looking bak at all these sidekicks I’ve had, the only one that i really like is my d-wade.i wouldd kill to find one in good condition for a really REALLY cheap price :[ if u knoe where i can find one just like that, hit me up on aim: Yungb52

  2. yyo Says:

    Still want it? What’s cheap2 u?

  3. supp Says:

    yo my name is sup and i wanted this sidekick since i was three years old can you give it to me in a good price

  4. Steve Says:

    On Ebay through the Seller Dealtree……I just bought one for $85 shipped……NEW

  5. Nadya Says:

    where can I buy it ??? I want it so bad !! 🙂
    It’s just amezing … the colour and everything about I just love it….

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