Evil Video Crashes the Sidekick

No, this isn’t some new fancy device that’s going to kill the Sidekick. It’s a corrupted 3gp video file that has the potential to hard reset a Sidekick with very little user interaction that’s out in the wild. That’s right, hard reset, as in wipe out all of your data and force you to redownload it from Danger’s servers. Luckily with the way the Sidekick is designed you won’t lose anything, but it’s still an annoyance to have to wait for all your email, settings, etc to download. It’s also a really nasty trick to play on someone you don’t like.

This was first posted in the PBD forums under a thread titled “Virus In Email?! Important!! Read!!”. I know, my first thought too was, “yeah right, Sidekicks don’t get viruses”. Technically this isn’t a virus, and it isn’t even malicious in intent. It looks like it’s just a bug with the way the email application handles a corrupted video. Needless to say though, it is a serious bug that Danger will hopefully fix in an OTA quickly. This currently affects the new Sidekick 2008, as well as Sidekick LXs with the video OTA.

Want to protect yourself from this sort of crash? In your Email, go under Menu->Settings->Attachments->Remove Attachments of these types, and check “Multimedia”. This will remove any movie files that are attached to emails sent to you, including this nasty one.
Sidekick Email Settings
Remove Multimedia Attachments from Sidekick Emails

16 Responses to “Evil Video Crashes the Sidekick”

  1. DaNii Says:

    Damn… Just when we get something cool and new on our phones people just fuck shit up… Sucks… BE CAREFUL SIDEKICK USERS.

  2. Zman Says:


  3. James Says:


  4. Junior Says:

    Okay me to….@ the count of 3…ready?? 1…2….3..GO!

  5. Sam Says:

    that sounds terrible :'(

    I’M SO EXCITED! i’m upgrading to a ’08 next thursday!!!!!

    can i get the sidekick WITHOUT the sidekick plan? info please?

  6. Kyle Says:

    @sam you can get any sidekick without the sidekick plan although the G7 will not appear it will just be the Phone symble and you will not be able to accsess the download catologe have no myfaves no internet access no IM accsess

  7. santa ninja Says:

    could an admin send me this i needs it my sister has a lx. lol

  8. justin Says:

    Kyle on August 28, 2008 at 4:39 pm said:

    @sam you can get any sidekick without the sidekick plan although the G7 will not appear it will just be the Phone symble and you will not be able to accsess the download catologe have no myfaves no internet access no IM accsess

    wow u clearly dunt knOw nuffin abOut sidekickz. u culd get any sidekicks without a sidekick plan. u can get it prepaid so technically its not a sidekick plan

  9. Riley Says:

    I wish I could type like a retard

  10. Ghost Says:

    hey i saw this and i thought it was funny lol i can do that to an ipod, zune, any cellphone that can receive video files allu have to do is reconvert it to the format u want but change the bitrate higher and then the file has to big either to slow for the device to read or to fast and then u have a crash lol email but but yea i can see how that is a hassle

  11. roy Says:

    somebody email me this vid attachment lol this reminds me of the verizon fone text message that would restart your fone

    email to mfkvihueleroroc@tmail.com plz =]

    or direct me where i can find it

  12. TBudz Says:

    Anyone get a annoying voice mail that wont delete off your KickLx? I am deaf and need to use the buzz application of my phone so when i get txt msg I can answer it. I went to a T-Mobile Dealer near me and they couldnt delete it because I got the voice msg when I got the OTA and they said I am not the only one who has it. Anyone able to find out how to delete the voice msg?

  13. BlackIce928 Says:

    they need to make some video apps in the catalog so we can do something else

  14. George Says:

    hey does anyone know how to hard reset a phone I have the sidekick 2008 my email is Trackstargt@aol.com how do I hard reset my phone if anyone knows please email me please

  15. defjam Says:

    is there any way to get my hands on this video?

  16. nike_sb_maniac Says:

    They need some new apps !
    And they need to give us more text space . All we can hold is 100 messages + 30 in the sim card . That is not what I expected from tmobile. Maybe if they take some space from that address book maybe we can have more room for text messages.
    And can they please improve the quality of youtube . It is so bad I don’t even go to youtube anymore.

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