For our friends in Australia

“Bogus Jimmy” hooked us up on the info for the Hiptop3 on Telstra. He says:

Just letting you know about the hiptop3 in Australia. It is only available through Telstra, on a 24 month contracted plan with unlimited text messages, photo messages, email, web browsing and MSN and Yahoo! messenger (no AIM). The plan includes free 3 minute calls to one other number on the Telstra network and other calls are charged at 30c/30secs. The cost of the hiptop3 is $679 which can be paid upfront or divided over the 24 month plan ($28.29/month).

It has been selling very well in its first week, with a lot of hiptop2 owners upgrading (most by simply adding the $28.29/month onto their existing service).

The website is

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