How To Get Your Free Sidekick 2008

Remember how we mentioned that SunCom Hiptop users would need to get a new Sidekick with the switch from Suncom to T-Mobile? Well we got some word from a T-Mobile spokesperson that (former) SunCom customers with a Hiptop device will be provided with a T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 free of charge. You should receive a letter from T-Mobile that provides your options for this upgrade, and you’ll need to either visit a nearby store (indicated in the letter) or call Customer Care at a number provided in the letter. In addition to the new Sidekick 2008, T-Mobile will also provide customers with the Intellisync software to help transfer your information from your old Hiptop to your new Sidekick via a computer. Needless to say, I think those of us without the Sidekick 2008 are a bit jealous!

57 Responses to “How To Get Your Free Sidekick 2008”

  1. Victor Says:

    i would love to have a sidekick i currently have no cell phone at all
    my parents cant afford one
    my dad is a landscaper
    and cant afford to buy me one
    And im 15 year old I cant work yet to actually buy it
    My email is:
    Pls contact me everyone in school has a cell phone but me

  2. iNfmszspiikeyy Says:

    Damm niqqahs, yuh guys are man cheap i swaree, yuh guy lookinq aht diss website for qettinq a new sidekick.? Wow, smfh. And sum ppl say dha “oo, ineed a fone fer sckoowl,itho skoowl doesnt alloww fone, woww. smfh, W.e, yuh guyss aree toooo cheapp, LMFAOO., juss wish dha next sidekick is a touch type whun. Niqqahs lyk all of yahh are mann cheapp. LOLs, w,ee 1nszzzz

  3. jewels Says:

    i need a sidekick because my parents want to get me one but they cant afford but my other friends parents can get them one so its not fair so im kepp begging you till i do get one because im a true fan of this phone ill even humiliate myself for one and besides i dont have a phone because its hard times so please give me one im begging you hit me up at im asking nice not being rude like these other people ill do anything for one

  4. brandonv Says:

    I really need a sidekick 08 or 09 please


    if any one can give me a carbon sidekick lx for free please give it to me

  6. kayla Says:

    Omg i really really want a sidekick so badly cuzz i alwayz wantedd one and i never got it so im sadd and i diserve a sidekick 08 cuzz i do good in skool and so i diserve it):

  7. kaylee Says:

    I rlly wnt a sidekick 08 its because i deserve it and my dad and mom cant bye it and i always wanted it since i wazz we and know im 14 soo plzzz sen it to me

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