Mark Cuban has a Sidekick 3

Thanks to Daniel for catching this blog entry on Mark Cuban’s website:

I promise never to complain about the weather in Dallas again. Dang. This must be the opposite of a dry heat. I l ove Miami. Have a condo here. Love to visit. BUt i prefer not to have to swim through humidity !

Any, game time countdown 3 hours and counting. Wont be able to blog during the game, Im not going to bring a laptop to the arena. I will bring my new sidekick 3. Got an early edition. I love to play with new toys, and this one is off to a great start. Its also a great way to make the time till tip off go faster. Otherwise I would go crazy.

YOu want to say that this is a huge game tonight. But why. EVERY game in the finals is huge. HUGE HUGE HUGE.

THey are going to come out playing out of their minds. The crowd is going to be nuts. We have to be able to take the early barrage of punchs.


Some pictures…

31 Responses to “Mark Cuban has a Sidekick 3”

  1. ilikeeggs Says:

    1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohhoooo

  2. monday20 Says:

    im 2nd

  3. sidekick3r Says:

    im 3rd

  4. Administrator Says:

    you guys need a new hobby. 🙂

  5. trackman Says:

    Yeah so more or less lets just start sellin the darn thing

  6. bape Says:

    i figured nba people would get it first because t-mobile is sponsoring the finals

  7. InkDrinker Says:


  8. smubound Says:

    So would I be right when I thought I saw the sk3 in Fast Inc.? Anyone else see it?

  9. phguap Says:

    sound Good, comin soon then

  10. sprint-user Says:

    i just saw two shows yesterday of Fast Inc. Which episode did you see it on? oh and did you guys see the Heat game last night? that shit was sick.

    fyi i live in miami so am a big fan

  11. Comebackid Says:

    im nineth 🙂

  12. R Kritikal Says:

    i dislike mark cuban, and the mavs

  13. s2garys2 Says:

    oh my goddddddddd

    btw its 2-1 so R Kritikal ………
    im sorry
    no ring for shaq


  14. SidekickStar330 Says:

    Whoo pictures and he’s holding the sk3!! Whooo I dnt care who he is or wut team he plays on, if the guys got an sk3 I love him!

  15. DarkFury Says:

    I hate him for havin’ a SK3 before us. 🙁

  16. youngeurow Says:

    Holy shit he has one I’m going to beat his ass lets go heat!

  17. sidekickurhead Says:

    f him

  18. dddduuuuuuddee Says:

    Damn thats so unfair. I hate Mark Cuban, I live in Miami and I’m a huge Heat fan. GO HEAT!

  19. baxter Says:

    “Whooo I dnt care who he is or wut team he plays on,”

    haha.. awesome.

  20. smubound Says:

    I saw the “catch my drift” episode…I could defiantely ne wrong though…

    Btw mark cuban rocks…mavs are awesome, heat can kiss my hiney, and shaq is a crybaby…*shrugs* any smart person would put their money on the mavs in this series…but of course I always put my money on the mavs…heat are going down…mavs owner has a sk3 which means that he is superior than the heat owner which once again proves the mavericks are better than the heat…

    Make sense? I didn’t think so either…

  21. SidekickStar330 Says:

    Baxter you quoted me

    Goood thhing or bad?

  22. AJ Says:

    what kind of buttons is on bottom of sk3 in the picture? maybe volume buttons or something else.

  23. TheRealLinuxGold Says:

    This site needs a better moderation, “I’m first! I’m second” and useless posts should be filtered out. Moderating this forum will create better environment, constructive feedback and invite more mature audiences to this site. That way we will have serious conversation for the upcoming SideKick 3.

    Celebrity appearance of Sidekick 3 is a positive indication that it will hit market any time soon, hopefully before end of June. How strong is Danger in advertising sidekick on media? A lot of my hearing friends never heard of sidekick I and II in Delaware until I introduced them to the upcoming sidekick III.

  24. pescado Says:

    it’s good to see that the volume buttons are now flush with the casing. and not the voltile bumps on the bottom

  25. exileayahika Says:

    that guy is one lucky SOB. I still am hoping it looks nothing like the pictures released, it better be more attractive.

  26. smubound Says:

    The buttons at the bottom in the pic looks like volume buttons

  27. R Kritikal Says:

    i dont care about shaq, i dont really care for miami all together

  28. jre25 Says:

    I HATE Mark Cuban.. that bastard is ugly as hell!! Daaamn if he has a SK3 then its DEFINITELY comin out soon!!!

  29. Ya Boy B Says:

    ok was i the only one who saw mark cuban yesterday during the game with the sidekick in his hand and he was playing with it? i hope not! let me know if anyone else saw it.

  30. phguap Says:

    s2garys2 on June 14, 2006 at 9:40 pm said:

    oh my goddddddddd

    btw its 2-1 so R Kritikal ………
    im sorry
    no ring for shaq


    2-2 :\ and of course Mark cuban got it, hes a billionaire

  31. feignreality Says:

    So yeah i had to call t-mobile yesterday to bitch about my stupid AIM not working for like… 5 hours… and before i hung up as i always do asked about when they’re releasing the sk3, and the guy tried giving me that little script about they have no info and refer to the page and i was like “yeah yeah that thing never changes and all i know is mark cuban has one and i wanted to know when i can get mine.. and then he studders like he doesn’t know what to day and then stated well check the site it should be updated very soon … haha so yeah that was from the danger and data support guy..

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