Master P and Romeo to promote Sidekick LX

Sidekick LX

Master P and his son, Romeo, are reportedly on board with T-Mobile to help promote the new Sidekick LX. The angle of the campaign? To show that the Sidekick continues to be one of the most popular devices in the “urban communities”. Not only are they praising the device, they’ve also created a song about the Sidekick (entitled “Sidekick” of course) for inclusion in their next album, “Hip-Hop History”. The album is due out Sept 4th. No word on an official release on the Sidekick LX, but it would make sense from a marketing standpoint to promote both the album and the device around the same time. Our guess? Late September, early October.

via MemphisRap

8 Responses to “Master P and Romeo to promote Sidekick LX”

  1. Ryan Yo Says:

    This phone isnt coming fast enough…

  2. sorensilk Says:

    Master P is still around? Wow. I had no idea.

  3. splohocky Says:

    oh my god, please Sidekick/Danger/Tmobile, realize that I, nor anyone else, gives a bloody rat’s ass as to how popular their device is with the “urban” crowd…it is embarassing enough as it is carrying around a phone I genuinely used to love that is now solely associated with rappers, drug dealers, and vapid 16 yr. old girls…

    …please spend your money making a worthy evolution to the sidekick line or I am jumping ship…so far, the stats on the slide and shuriken/LX are NOT impressive (looks as tho the Shuriken should’ve been the SK3!)

    I love (used to love that is) my sidekick, but unless the new ones come gps equipped at least, I am gone. Even Helio’s latest clamshell, the Fin, is filled with MUCH higher tech than what appears to be in both the slide and LX, and it is a qwerty-less clamshell!

    Get on the dang ball Danger!

  4. AcidAngel Says:

    “urban communities” means african americans and hollas versus people who are technology-inclined right?

  5. Brandon Says:

    splohocky. Thank you for sterotyping different ethnic groups and communities. It’s people like you that make the world more sepparated and bias than what it is today, which is lack of intelligence, patience, and the most important thing – RESPECT.

    Just as acid said as well.

    Danger does not need you to buy their device. I’m sure they will be just as happy with the other hundreds of thousands of customers they happily please every day. :).. helio. HA! Have fun with crappy service!

    You have absolutely no information that is truly official on the LX or Zante.. so.. why don’t you wait until the manual’s come out before you make assumptions? Sounds like a brilliant idea!

    Sorry if this comes off as rude, but when people sterotype and began to attack “urban communities”, it just pushes my buttons.

  6. RandyPower Says:

    spolohocky, I couldn’t agree more about the focus of T-Mobile. Rather than throwing money at launch parties, I would rather see these resources put toward upgrading their spotty network (tmobile) and putting real features into new phone models (danger).

    T-Mobile, please give me a data connection at home. I live in a big city; you have no excuse. It used to be sporadic quality but it’s not new technology anymore and this will no longer cut it.

    Danger, please give us a decent calendar with real snooze options on notifications. This application is critical to people from any community who need to keep their lives organized, yet you have not upgraded the Calendar since the Sidekick/Hiptop Color. Other applications also fall into this category.

    I don’t care what “community” uses this product more. I am stuck with it for another 10 months and counting down to the day I will reluctantly switch carriers and phones because of poor service and marginal improvements in each phone model.

    I got on board with the Color, then the 2 and now the 3. The SK 3 will be my last Sidekick unless T-Mobile fixes their quality of service and Danger produces a phone with upgrades and features that compare favorably with other phones. Just like the Commodore Amiga about 13 years ago, the Sidekick is no longer ahead of its time as it was when it was new. And despite my affinity to it, I am just about done.

  7. lol@pineapples Says:

    would it still be a swivel?
    i think we’re gonna be impressed by its performance. It’ll have a nice keyboard (i hate the zante’s keyboard) although still EDGE, it has a speedier connection than most phones.

    i personally cant wait and will get it as soon as it’s out

  8. thizzrdie Says:

    I hope it has that Windows stuff like the T-Mobile Wing phone.

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