MobiFlip Not Legit?

There’s some question about the legitimacy of these new “Sidekicks” that are being sold as the MobiFlip. According to appletech, a long time moderator on the official forums, they might not be all they’re cracked up to be! He says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this phone disappears off the market soon because I don’t think they have any service agreements with Danger/MS to distribute their software.

They also more than likely purchased a bulk supply of refurb devices and some how modified the OS to add the Opera browser, something else that probably violates Danger/MS terms.

We know nothing about this device, if it’s locked, how they are even getting data services, etc…

So I wouldn’t be telling people it will work with whatever carrier they want.

People are reporting in the forums that the devices are working and even have data service. Rather than using the built in web browser that would proxy through the Danger servers, they’re running Opera Mini. Perhaps someone has finally unlocked the Sidekick’s data for use on any network? Whether or not they have the blessing of T-Mobile/Microsoft/etc is unknown.

7 Responses to “MobiFlip Not Legit?”

  1. bulletinyochest Says:

    LOL, Hell nawww

  2. anonymous Says:

    I’m in australia and if the browser is unlcoked, I have to get me one of these

  3. LoSo Says:

    lol this is crazy! anyone have any actualy pics of the device or an unboxing video of the sort..?

  4. LoSo Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just got one of these from Mobilicity and am not able to send MMS messages. Mobilicity Customer Service wasn’t able to help.
    I was told to go deal with Sharp (manufacturer).
    Anybody other Mobilicity Mobiphone user having this problem????

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, also the place where I bought it weren’t able to adjust the settings either.
    I’ve only had it for a few days, and have not been able to send any MMS messages. The message says “Radio data service not available” yet I know that MMS messaging is included in my plan. Any feedback/comments/suggestions?

  7. AceKannon Says:

    Theres the unboxing vid sum dude named Andrew posted yesterday I believe…..this is bullshit! Its weird tho, this makes it more logical for a new sidekick to come out. Seriously, how the hell would the just rebrand a discontinued phone, using the SAME OS!, SAME DESIGN, SAME TECH…but notice theres been no news about court, suing, anything about taking the design. It confuses me because someone above said that theres a protector that hides the original logos on it, which just means they tweaked the OS and just rebranded an old device. Can’t they get sued for that? Because if HTC makes the new Sidekick, theres no need to even release this one

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