Party at the Grammys on T-Mobile’s Dime

T-Mobile is tight with the Grammy people. You might remember earlier this year when they threw a bunch of concerts and gave out tickets to Sidekick users to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Grammys. Well, the 51st Grammys are coming up and T-Mobile is holding a contest for an all-expense paid trip for you and a friend to attend. Let me tell you, if it’s anything like my trips to the concerts, they’ll pull out all the stops and it will be a blast.

The awards ceremony is in Los Angeles on February 8th, 2009. There will be 5 winners, and each gets to bring a friend. You should get an SMS on your Sidekick that you can use to enter, or you can just go to and enter there. You have until Jan 16th, 2009 to get your entries in. After you enter you’ll also get a chance to get up to 5 additional entries by spreading the word to your friends too.

One Response to “Party at the Grammys on T-Mobile’s Dime”

  1. orionthegreat Says:

    By when should we get the text to enter?

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