Patching A Database Back Together

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How is Microsoft recovering all the user data without having a backup to turn to? Inside sources tell Daniel Eran Dilger that Sun (the storage vendor) and Oracle (makers of the database software) have sent in their best people to attempt to stitch the database back together. Why is it taking so long?

“The first thing to do is wheel in a big pile of new disk space, and copy the individual disks so there is a raw backup. This is like making a copy of a jigsaw puzzle one piece at a time. Then they would assemble the puzzle using the copied pieces, in case any pieces need to be re-made from the original.

“This is very hard, requires detailed inside knowledge of how SAN addresses and volume manager layouts fit together with Oracle tables. Finally, they need to start up the database on top of the assembled puzzle, and Oracle will do its own clean up to get into a consistent state.

“The next thing you do is a fresh backup (several days), before you allow any users access to it. So it’s not surprising that this would take over a week, even after it was possible to say that the data is recoverable.”

I’m assuming that Microsoft considers the data “recovered” if they’re letting users access it. But we’re hearing reports of people missing contacts, some phone numbers for individual contacts, and other weird behavior including not even being able to download their info from the Desktop Interface. How is the data recovery working out for you guys?

55 Responses to “Patching A Database Back Together”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I know this is a little off topic but if it makes all of us Sidekick users feel any better AT&T is having a similar problem. I’m in florida and a majority of the people I know can’t make or recieve calls or messages of any kind. Glad I didn’t switch LOL

  2. ex-slidekick user (sk09) Says:

    After this long with it still giving me the blank and wrong entries back I did the chat support.
    I’m supposedly in a unique group of users, they took some info from mme and said they’d contact me “shortly”
    That was a few hours ago

  3. Kara Harkins Says:

    A unique group? Hardly … corrupt data on a restore seems to be the usual results from people who have gone through the process.

    I would not sit up waiting for them to call back. I submitted a ticket for my data more than a week ago.

  4. ex-slidekick user (sk09) Says:

    Oh I know. I just don’t think MS should get away with calling this crap a restore.

  5. SKuser Says:

    I think we need a few CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS to get the catalog & apps back up too just like they were suddenly able to restore contacts after a few lawsuits popped up, seriously!!

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