Sidekick 3 in Men’s Health! Price is $350

Our first evidence of marketing for the Sidekick 3 was found in a recent issue of Men’s Health (the July/August 2006 issue). One of our awesome readers caught this one and took the time to scan it in super high resolution. (Big thanks Giancarlo!) And we have our first “official” price release it looks like too! According to Men’s Health, it’s going to set you back $350. Looks like it’s safe to say that T-Mobile is only days away from the big marketing push we’re all expecting.

The text reads:
MOST TEXT APPEAL: T-Mobile Sidekick 3
We’ve been unabashed advocates of the Sidekick since it surfaced 3 years ago, thanks to its second-to-none keyboard and Web browser. The e-mail is still anything but corporate-friendly on this version, but it pushes past its ancestors by packing in Bluetooth (for wireless headsets); a miniSD memory-card slot (for storing MP3s or photos taken with the 1.3-megapixel camera); and high-speed EDGE access for faster Web browsing. $350.

Here’s the image (kind of big at 300k):
Sidekick 3 ad in Men's Health

40 Responses to “Sidekick 3 in Men’s Health! Price is $350”

  1. itstheroc Says:

    first!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is awesoome

  2. itstheroc Says:

    its about time they put it in a magazine!!!! im hyper pumped!!!!

    -go mavs!!!!

  3. RudeBoy Says:

    ooga booga umaga mug

  4. Abercrombie_06 Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Not a bad price! Is that with or with-out contract??

  5. InkDrinker Says:

    They have officially cooperated with us… now give us some cookies… bitch

  6. johnnycake Says:

    i wont buy it. it doesnt even have flash support hahah. ur welcome to hate me, but u know im right……… rnt i. hahah!!!!

  7. Andy Says:

    I can confirm that the sidekick3 picture is not a photoshoped. It is actually the way it looks. At the top left corner it tells u the size the pic was taken and in the lower right corner it gives u options for sending pics through e-mail, text message, flash option and last but not least save.

  8. DarkFury Says:

    To johnnycake…. YOu do know it will have flash, I mean, c’mon… If you’re gonna put a 1.3 magepixel cam. on the SK3, they’re not gonna cut corners and say no flash.

  9. DarkFury Says:


  10. mista j0hnny Says:

    $350 with or without contract?

  11. ilikeeggs Says:

    soo happy its comin soo is it this months magazine cause ill go and check to see if its real

  12. akadrez Says:

    F. U. C. K. Yea, this is the times wen I love this wesite, I love you guys, am mad hyped, am gonna go bye dat magazine tomorrow- truly urs

  13. Jeph Says:

    Ah. Closure.

  14. Andy Says:

    To Administrator:

    Can u fix ur java script on the pictures thing because most of the times i come to this website i see the picture of the sidekick with the cat and the logo on top. I may guess u put that for people who want to link pictures directly from ur website but it is not working at all. Also, if u are going to put a filter for bad words get a good one cuz u know how people is and they always find a way to say bad words with dots and stuff so get a good filter.

  15. SxySidekicker3Gal Says:


  16. mikew01 Says:

    i dont think he ment a camera flash i believe he was refering to flash support on the web browese and andy stop bein such a bitch

  17. ogloc Says:


  18. ohshhitscarl Says:

    and Andy. shut the fuck up. thanks.
    this is a big boy/big girl website. go to to find websites that are good for you.

  19. OhSoFly Says:

    This is greattt… Now we got almost everything =).. cept an *official* release date =(…

  20. Jaewun Says:


  21. tonightwestorm Says:


  22. anon1435 Says:

    OmG Yes!!! this has to mean its funna come out soon!!!

  23. bigrick Says:

    i cant see the pic

  24. baxter Says:

    so glad hiptop3 got this first. that dude over at sidekick3.blogspot was starting to get a big head. this is amazing news which only confirms that it will be very soon and i’m pretty sure we’ll see it in july. that $350 price tag must be for just the phone itself. and i’m sure if you renew your contract or join t-mobile you will get a better deal. i hate how they won’t put video and a better camera.. it seems that sharp/danger/t-mobile whoever tried to make it just good enough to sell em, and when they make a new one they will add what we demand for now, and i think once again it will be behind the other handhelds in features. ehh i hope it won’t come down to that, but you know all these companies just want your money. SO GIVE IT TO EM! $$$

  25. BritBrat version 666 Says:


  26. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    U Know wats funny about this??? That this article of july/august 2006 dosent hit newsstands till june 27 and for the people that are a member of the Men’s health Mag. they get they’re copy on june 22nd…..So my question is how did this person get this issue so early??

  27. OhSoFly Says:

    hmmm i also wonder how this person got it …. so anyone kno?

  28. Drfred4lyfe88 Says:

    Ohsofly everybody is going to wonder because i called the Men’s Health mag. And i asked if that issue came out….they told me no and told me june 22nd for members and for newsstands the 27th…im like asking myself ” do the stores get them early ?” so if they do that means the guy or girl that worked at some local store was bored(mayb) looked thru the back of the store or something and saw that page and scanned it. any comments and this theory ?

  29. joseph.s Says:

    Could be hoax.. If it is… damn good one.. Has anyone called Men’s Health to confirm this is actually on that page? They should give you a yes/no at least.

  30. SxySidekicker3Gal Says:

    fine, never mind. i was hoping someone would help me…aahhhh, screw u all

  31. smubound Says:

    SxySidekicker3Gal on June 14, 2006 at 5:51 pm said:

    fine, never mind. i was hoping someone would help me…aahhhh, screw u all

    What the hell are u talking about?

  32. Woahh Says:

    It didn’t look fake when I saw the close-up image. (For some reason, It’s not working right now). But if it is, The person who made this up.. Did a damn good job on it.

  33. fluidmtl Says:

    Wow…you guys are smart but not quick enough, i’ll make a copy of the front cover too if thats what you people want and take note that if you look at the bottom left of the cover you’ll see i ripped my name and address…so give it sometime before i make another scan for you guys…i knew this was gonna cause problems.

  34. fluidmtl Says:

    You know what **** the scan it’s too big, ill take a picture…

  35. Comebackid Says:

    fluidmtl on June 14, 2006 at 9:06 pm said:

    You know what **** the scan it’s too big, ill take a picture…

    wat happen to the photo

  36. lowercaselaneyy Says:

    i went to t mobile today and the lady said it would be out midjuly an dlike 500 dollars

  37. InkDrinker Says:

    The fact that most people dont get the magazine until the 22nd makes sense because ive seen no other ads about the sidekick and it wouldnt make much since on Tmo’s part to have one little ad and then not say nething else for a week. Their probably going to start all their marketing around the 22nd

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  40. TESH Says:

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