Sidekick Gekko / 2008 FCC Docs Released

The confidentiality request for the FCC docs for the Sidekick 2008 (Gekko) has expired and all the docs submitted to the FCC are now available on their site. There’s not much new and exciting since the Sidekick is already out and everyone and their brother is picking one up. But there are some internal photos of the device as well as some photos showing how they test the device to make sure it doesn’t microwave your brains. It’s also kind of interesting to know where the actual antennas are located on the device. If that kind of stuff interests you, here are some of the pics we pulled out:

Original FCC Docs

5 Responses to “Sidekick Gekko / 2008 FCC Docs Released”

  1. Dzone Says:

    Very Interesting. it looks so much on inside like the Hiptop 2 but yet so different.
    thanks for the pictures.

  2. dukeandthelady Says:

    i want to know when this new sk that’s supposed to replace the lx and i heard it has 3g. Past posts say it would come out in December but i haven’t seen anyone post FCC posts so….. Does hiptop3 have anything to say? thanks!

  3. boy Says:

    Yeah I wanna know along with dukeandthelady. Since I’ve had no news for the sk geration lately and word of htc dream coming I’m getting ready to end my sk era. Next to that the dream seems to have the same keyboard as the lx just doesnt sound as teenish to say you own one xp

  4. DaNii Says:


  5. LULU Says:

    grrrrr, tmobile suck. when my sidekick id was crashed, and they wont even let me trade to get other one, but that employee told me that i HAVE to buy other sidekick. its got me angry. i want to get other fone for free but they refused. =(

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