T-Mobile 3G Roll-Out Plans

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T-Mobile is continuing their 3G network rollout. With rumors of an Android device coming this fall, it only makes sense to have the high speed network deployed in major urban areas before the device launches. This also means that the doors are more open for Danger/Microsoft to put out a 3G Sidekick. Want to know when your city will be enjoying 3G speeds? Here’s the list of rumored dates for when the network will go live in each city:

Baltimore – Aug 18th
Houston – Aug 19th
Minneapolis – Aug 20th
San Diego – Sept 15th
Los Angeles – Sept 16th
Phoenix – Sept 16th
Sacramento – Sept 17th
Portland – Sept 18th
Seattle – Sept 23rd
San Francisco – Sept 24th

Don’t see your city? Don’t worry, there are other cities that are slated for 3G by the end of 2008:
Kansas City
New England
Washington, D.C.


52 Responses to “T-Mobile 3G Roll-Out Plans”

  1. Lasantha Says:

    Want T-Mobile Network To Sri Lanka.
    T-Mobile ! Coming Soon…
    Sri Lankans Are Waiting For You!

  2. anonymouss ;] Says:

    ookay lets say i havee a sidekickk slideee andd want to get the new sidekick lX will my plan be $20 dollars or it bee $35 ? plz answerrr =]

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