Sidekick LX Memory Card

So chances are you’ve gotten your Sidekick LX, are loving it, and realize that 128mb of space on the microSD card that came with your LX is not nearly enough for all your music, themes, and pictures. We just put in our order for a nice fat 4gb microSD card for all our music. For those curious, here’s the best deal we’ve been able to find so far:
SanDisk 4GB MicroSD / Transflash with SD Adapter (SDSDQ-4096, BULK Packaging)
Sidekick LX MicroSD Memory Card has also setup a little store to help give people a one stop place for Sidekick LX accessories. We also recommend keeping an eye on for skins, as well as GyverGear for all sorts of good Sidekick LX accessories (chargers, screen protectors, cases, etc). Wireless Ground should also have some stuff for the Sidekick LX soon.

12 Responses to “Sidekick LX Memory Card”

  1. koloheboy Says:

    dang, I should have wait yesterday I got a 2gb card for 36.00 LOL CompUSA.. Per the Manual the max memory it accept is only 2gb, have you tried using the 4gb yet?

  2. hamilton Says:

    Da max is 4 gb

  3. koloheboy Says:

    so junk! lol I got this stupid 2gb card for nothing LOL now I want the 4gb, do you guys notice when going into the photos section it laggs?

  4. KoloheBoy Says:

    Can you upgrade to a 8GB card? anyone tried it?

  5. anonymous Says:

    sidekick lx + 8gb kingston micro sd = no memory. I think you can read data but not write (corrupts card, makes it unrecognizeable).

    my 8100 bb pearl also formatted my card from 8gb to like 2. DONT FORMAT!

    btw by today’s date if you’re paying more than $3 for a 2gb card you’re throwing away $$$.

  6. skO8 [: Says:

    How much isz the 4gb memory card and where can it be bought b/c I want onee .

  7. joni blood Says:

    Peepoles pay 30 to 40 billz fur a 2 n 4 gig when u can get dose fur 10 billz n walmart.lolz ;]

  8. dion Says:

    can i put a 1 gb in a sidkick

  9. niggaboyz Says:

    niggaz is wack

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i have a 16 gb (:

  11. Anonymous :D Says:

    Internal memory: 256 megabytes flash and 128 megabytes SDRAM
    Expandable memory/card slot : MicroSD and microSDHC
    Maximum card size: 32 gigabytes

    -Straight From The T-Mobile Website

  12. master kike x Says:

    cuanto vale un puta tarjeta de sidekick expliquen con mmm no se digan 1gb 5 dolares nose aaiii miren

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